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ask them why they are scared or worried or simply help them out with cheering them up Well if you have just started going out then you just need to hang out with him more and try and make him feel really comfortable with you. Make sure he knows that he can tell you anything and you have to be trustworthy. Also he may have just got out of a bad relationship so he probably doesnt want to get hurt again.

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What does it mean if someone calls you a sissy?

If someone calls you a sissy they are implying that you are scared of things that men should not be afraid of and you took it like you were a girl.

Why does your rabbit always go under things?

your may go under things if it is scared of something. my does that when its scared of a noise or someone who is loud.

What is a chicken person?

Someone who is scared of things or wont do things he says he will Kazzc Kaz

Is it possible to be scared of everything?

You can be scared of practically everything but i have never heard of someone being scared of their own fingers or a pet fish (a safe fish) or a mini hamster or other things like that...

How do you stop being scared?

to stop being scared you just, sometimes pray im not a christian but yet when i get realy scared i pray not for that thing to happen it then takes my mind off of things and it all becomes better

Should you be scared of other living things in space?

Ummm...I guess so...

How you know if someone likes you?

By there reaction to things, sometimes it depends.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'The only thing you have to fear is fear itself'?

This means that the we shouldn't be afraid of something; it means that we should be afraid of ourselves cowering and being afraid.You are scared of little things. Maybe you are claustrophobic, or have a fear of spiders, but really, you just should be scared of fear because fear makes you scared of things. You should only be scared of fear, because fear is the thing that makes you scared. Yes, all you have to fear is fear itself.

When are teachers scared of students?

This is a sad question. Teachers should never be scared of students, and the only way in which students should be scared of teachers is being scared they will make a bad grade!Teachers nowadays are scared of violent students, because children and teens are not in control of their emotions and do stupid things before they think about them.

How can you fend off a vampire?

It matters on the vampire. Some are scared of religious iteams, silver things, sunlight, and sometimes garlic

In the show what is miley scared?

its very scared girl and she scared all things!!

What does it mean if you have trouble breathing sometimes?

It could be many things. It could be that you have asthma which is very common in people. If you have problem breathing you should see someone about it.

Is someone legal?

Yes, someone is legal. Someone is not legal, too. It's weird how things work out like that sometimes.

Should you be scared during a tsunami?

Normally yes, but a good presence of mind should be applied when things like this happen.

What if somebody is hearing voices in there head telling them to do things Does that mean there is something wrong with them?

Maybe your feeling a bit scared about something, just calm down and relax. if this is really bothering you you should talk to someone about it.

Why is making a child a soldier wrong?

they could be scared for life, seeing things they shouldn't.having to live with the fact that they killed someone.

Describe a time you had to work hard to persuade someone to your way of thinking?

Persuading people is not always easy to do. When persuading them, sometimes you have to give them a good reason why they should do things that you believe they should be done.

What do teenager girls like in teenager boys?

Someone who makes them laugh, doesnt make fun of them, someone who will protect her, someone who will hold her when she is scared, etc... Do sweet things a guy wouldnt normally do

How should you make someone cry?

There are many things you can do to make someone cry.

Do pigions have feelings?

They act as if they can feel scared! They act as if there are some things they really like (food, other pigeons sometimes) and some things they don't. To ask them, watch very carefully.

What does this mean the heart does not always dictate marriage?

the heart could lead you different things like if someone is close to you, scared, or if you are tired

What is a horse scared of?

It depends on the horse... Some horses are scared as such little things such as plastic bags, but others won't be scared of anything because they are what we call 'Bombproof' where they are trained to not be scared of things. It depends on how jumpy the horse is(:

What are ladybugs scared of?

ladybugs are scared of their predators such as spiders ,praying mantis' ,birds and are scared of bigger things such as humans.

What things is ponyboy scared of in the book the outsiders?

he is scared of the socs, dally, and death

What are two things that Victoria Justice is scared of?

victoria justice is scared of the dark