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What should you do if you're in a relationship but after marriage talk you're not sure if you are really in love?

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2011-09-13 13:06:11

Often when a couple considers marriage the idea of being with

one person for decades becomes a grotesque notion. Now is the time

to evaluate whether or not your love will be everlasting or a

fleeting fascination. First look at the substance of your feelings.

Do you love your partner for more that physical appearance or

financial security? If you love your partner for his or her

internal components that make he or she unique. Maybe you question

your love due to being together so long. Many expect the initial'

"spark" in a relationship to last and last, However that spark is

provent to be triggered by more hormonal convention.

You can have a successful and loving marriage if you-

communicate with your partner (be considerate of tone and no name

calling)- treat each other as equals_do activities each partner

enjoys_perserve certain evenings for "alone" time_ truly enjoy each

other's company you do not want to marry someone you can't eat a

meal with or watch a movie

Its all really how you define love. DO you enjoy your partners

company, could you handle obstacles, is your partner someone you

can see as a best friend and have a satisfying sexual relationship


Look at certain aspects such as the ones previously expressed.

However, I must stress not to be convinced you love someone just

because you are used to them, and do not expect butterflies in your

stomach 24-7

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