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You and your husband should split for at least a month being you move out and consider your options and between that time date other man and see if you are willing to leave a good man for a ex or stay single. Instead of thinking about you. You also need to think about your son. Does your current husband treat you with dignity, respect, and does he love your family? Why did you break up with your ex? Look at the whole picture. Will this adversely affect your son? Think about it.

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What does it mean if your husband takes photos of you all the time?

Umm he loves you and adores you

What does it mean when a man says he adores you?

It means they love you. The man was probably just trying to be creative in how they expressed their feelings.

What is the song Bubbly by Colbie Calliat about?

It's about a girl who obviously likes this guy. He gives her these feelings that she just loves and adores, and she doesn't want him to leave.

What is the conflict in The Mirror Crack'd by Agatha Christie?

A famous but frail actress returns to England (accompanied by her new husband who adores her), where she is forced to face a ghost from her past. When she was young she desperately wanted to have a child of her own. After many attempts - when she was happily married to her first husband - she gets pregnant, but she catches rubella and gives birth to a severely disabled child. She abandons it in a hospice, loses her husband, sinks into depression and stops work.

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She's a maiden (virgin) goddess and she won't ever get married. She hates love but adores independence.

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Be happy and say thank you

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When he tells he adores you?

That means he likes you and thinks highly of you.

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He adores you? Let your heart be your guide.

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maybe if he really adores her

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there is no equivalent in Bulgarian. Translation of Adore is a verb in Bulgarian. In Bulgarian Verb can not be in PLURAL form for adore translation. look for adore

What is the noun in this sentence Martha adores her white cat.?

The nouns in the sentence are:Martha - proper noun; subject of the - common noun, direct object of the verb 'adores'.

Is Chris geere gay?

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Do not try to use moon stone on cleffa. Cleffa evolves into clefairy if it adores you and when it levels up while it adores you. Hope I helped! :) you helped a lot thanks

Should you meet your ex if you are not in love with your husband of 5 years who adores you and you've never stopped thinking about your ex who you pushed away as you felt too young to settle down?

I think the question here that should be answered first is 'Do you adore your husband in the same way he adores you?' If you do then under no circumstances meet your ex. If you don't adore him, then be prepared for whatever can of worms you will be opening if you do meet your ex!!! Maybe you think the grass is greener - don't go looking for trouble unless you are prepared for the consequences....It doesn't sound like you don't love your ex from this question!