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What should you do if you've been dating your boyfriend for six months and you always used to be close and talk a lot but now you've been having problems and he never wants to talk?

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September 13, 2011 1:07PM

I am not a pro , but it sounds to me like you should find a new Boyfriend. First try and speak to him ask if there is a problem . I always found that if they suddenly quit wanting to speak or be physically close , something was wrong.Usually it is a sign of unhappiness in the relationship or infidelity.There a lot of men out there and sometimes the one you are with is just not the right one. Even though you feel like they may have been . The best way to remedy the situation is to let go, if they come back and you still want them take them back . I have always forund that once I let them go I did not want them back. There are always more fish in the sea don't spend your time being unhappy with the wrong species.