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I am not a pro , but it sounds to me like you should find a new Boyfriend. First try and speak to him ask if there is a problem . I always found that if they suddenly quit wanting to speak or be physically close , something was wrong.Usually it is a sign of unhappiness in the relationship or infidelity.There a lot of men out there and sometimes the one you are with is just not the right one. Even though you feel like they may have been . The best way to remedy the situation is to let go, if they come back and you still want them take them back . I have always forund that once I let them go I did not want them back. There are always more fish in the sea don't spend your time being unhappy with the wrong species.

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Is dating and having a boyfriend the same thing?

yes. if you are dating josh, josh is your boyfriend JUST AN EXAMPLE

What are common ways teenagers can seek to solve problems they are having with a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Some common ways teenagers can seek to solve problems they are having with a girlfriend or boyfriend might include seeking advice from:your parentsyour older siblingsyour friendsyour pastor"Advice" columnsBooks about dating"Relationship" websitesMost dating and relationship problems are best solved by talking it over with the person.

What should you do if you've been dating your boyfriend for three months and you always used to be close and talk a lot but now you've been having problems and he prefers not to talk but loves you?

Get Rid Of Him - There are plenty more fish in the sea!

Would Miley Cyrus mine having a boyfriend?

She already has a boyfriend. She's dating Liam hemsworth.

Is it true not having a boyfriend will lead to emotional problems?

Not necessarily. Anything can lead to emotional problems in a person's life. Sometimes having a boyfriend will lead to having emotional problems.Many people go through their entire lives single and do not suffer emotional problems.

You and your boyfriend having being dating for 2 years and you have not got pregnant?

no its called a CONDOM

What to talk about with your boyfriend when its complete silence?

you talk about how his life is maybe he having problems

If I am 15 and dating a 18 teen year old is that legal?

Your boyfriend could be in trouble if your parents press charges.

What if your boyfriend do not treat you as your ex boyfriend?

i don't know why i would do this but I'll tell his mother to stop having a relationship with me or there may be more problems with him.

What is the legal age for a boyfriend?

It should be eighteen years of age. There is no legal age for dating or having a boyfriend/girlfiend in any country in the west.

What does the phrase Forever in a Hard Place mean?

always having problems

Why would your parents not approve of your boyfriend if they have never met him?

It might not always be the fact that they do not like them, it might be the fact that they do not like the idea of you having a boyfriend. They might think it is inappropriate for you to be dating him due to differences between yourself and him. There are many reasons but the best way is to just come out and ask them why they do not like him.

Is it legal for me a 12 year old to be dating my 13 year old boyfriend?

Yes, there are no laws against dating but as minors your parents have to be OK with it of course. ANSWER: Define "dating." IF you mean going out and having fun as friends, it is fine. If you mean having sexual intercourse, it is against the law.

Is it bad not to have a boyfriend in elementary school?

Not at all - you should really be concentrating on your school and having fun with your friends not worrying about dating.

Can a 14 year old boy move in with his mother's ex-boyfriend if he's having problems at home?

It would not be legal to move in with your mother's ex-boyfriend. You need to talk to a trusted adult about your problems.

What to talk about with your boyfriend when you are having problems?

Discuss your problems and try not to make fuss as it will create more problems. Clear out things as it cause confusion and avoid to do those things in future.

How and why did Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber start dating?

They started dating in maybe March, but announced it during April. The only clear reason is that Selena (the awesomer one) is having some mental problems and can't see that she's dating a doofus! But she says: "He's like a little brother. He's always been there for me."

Why are or is my boyfriend and i having problems in our sex lives?

Without some more information, it could be anything. If you are having medical problems, you may want to consult with a doctor. If you think the problems are of a psychological nature, you may want to consult with a relationship counselor.

What are the factors to consider in having a healthy boy-girl relationship?

a boy-girl relationship is a good relationship, dating wise. You don't want to ignore your boyfriend/girlfriend, you want to have a conversation about your day, or job/life. Always stay with your boyfriend/girlfriend, and a nice to them. Show that you like them in every way

How do you comfort a boyfriend who's having economic problems?

you could advise them on the problem and help them out a bit, just to get them started...

What makes you sad?

There are many things that make people sad. Some of them are: the death of a loved one not getting the boyfriend or girlfriend you want health problems not having enough money having computer problems arguments with loved ones

Is having a boyfriend the same thing as dating a guy?

Yes, those two things have the same meaning.' Also, why would anyone want to know that...?

Is it wrong for muslim to have a girlfriend on an online game?

Dating and having a boyfriend is not permitted in islam. I guess it will be all right to have a girlfriend just for an online game.

Is it okay to like someone else if you are already dating someone?

Only liking other people is always ok, as in having friends. For more than being friends you should talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend about how much is ok and how much would hurt the other.

You were injured25yrs agonow having problems can workers comp. still cover it?

Sometimes, but not always.