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Blame yourself, not your Mom. If you didn't love him, you were foolish to have kids with him. This is more common than one would think. At the time we don't realize we are perhaps marrying for all the wrong reasons. Still, you made a commitment and unless you are fighting with each other constantly and he is a good man, stay until the kids are older. If things are really rough between you then it's time to sit down and discuss where you want to go with your marriage ... kids or no kids. Children need a healthy environment. Once people have children, then it's a huge commitment (larger than most think) so you have to put them first and yourself second. There are many couples out there that split soon after their children have left home. They basically remained friends until the time they could be free of their responsibilities to their children.

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What reasons for drinking could quickly lead to problems?

I think its because when you drink you do become drunk and that is very quick and also that is a problem.

What reasons should the drinking age be raised?

lots of reasons beginning with addiction, binge drinking, accidents and many more

Why did William Randolph Hearst have a girlfriend when he was married?

for sexual reasons or for love or both or because he is a man or because he is a pig.

Reasons for downfall of stock market?

because of aishwarya rai getting married to abisekh bachan

Deportation reasons in Canada?

if a person is legally married with kids can he be deported because he has law issues?

Why do pple get married?

People get married for multiple reasons. Some are for money, for love, because they had children, or for tax purposes. It is also possible to get married for more than one reason.

Is Matthew thiessen married?

no. He was engaged to Shannon Murphy, but they broke off the relationship because of personal reasons.

Is Katrina Kaif and salman khan married?

No they are not married. They Planned on getting married. But they broke up due to unfortunate reasons.No they have not married yet.

Why did Hernan Cortes get married twice?

Men in his time married a number of times because women died a great deal in child birth and for other reasons.

What are some reasons why financial health is a problem in the US?

Some reasons why are because people are paying back student loans and people have to pay for bills and we are in a recession.

Why do married men flirt with other women?

For the same reasons that married women flirt with other men. Married isn't dead. I do it because I like to see the ladies smile and laugh, and because everyone enjoys a compliment. After 11 years, my wife is pretty used to it. Others may flirt for other reasons. If it's your husband, it something you should ask him.

3 main reasons why christians get married?

Because they can't wait to have sex... It's rather obvious, isn't it?

Why do Jewish people get married?

They get married because they think that men shoudn't be alone and to have children, a gift that God gave them. They also get married for many of the same reasons as crhstians, e.g It's a blessed act.

Reasons why do people drink and drive?

Most people drive after they're done drinking because they feel as though their driving ability has not been affected.

Can you continue to use your ex husbands surname?

Yes. Many women continue to use their "married name" for various reasons.Yes. Many women continue to use their "married name" for various reasons.Yes. Many women continue to use their "married name" for various reasons.Yes. Many women continue to use their "married name" for various reasons.

What are the main reasons not to have access to clean drinking water?

Don't you mean, what are the reasons to HAVE access to clean drinking water? Which would be to prevent water-borne diseases which kill thousands of people each year.

Your husband works so hard is loving and generous in almost every way so how do you tell him his drinking is a big problem?

To me, it doesn't seem like he has a problem if he still possesses those traits. Perhaps tell him to cut back for health reasons if it's excessive.

Why does your dog gag after drinking water?

Your dog could be gagging or coughing after drinking water for a few different reasons. A collapsed trachea could cause this symptom so it is important to have a vet check him out. Megaesophagus is when the muscles of the esophagus fail, again get to the vet. Hopefully it is just because the dog is drinking to fast.

Why did Kate Middleton and William marry each other?

Most probably because of the same reasons why everyone else decides to get married.

Why do people get married in japan?

People get married in Japan for the same reasons that they get married anywhere else. Two people form a partnership in order to have a family, for mutual support, often for the raising of children, and because they love each other.

Give two reasons why it is useful to understand population distribution and density patterns?

it is useful because imagine there is too many people in that one area there would have been many problem such as area problem and other problem

What are the three reasons you treat drinking water?

to improve the taste,smell and qulity

Why kovai sarala not married?

Probably for the same reasons many other people are not married

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