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Easy if he never wanted me before why give him the plessure of knowing I'ld take him back. That's what yould do he would think no matter what your gonna take him back. Also if your with another man why would you ruin a good thing.But I guess it all depends on the type of person you are.

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Can you be estranged and live in the same house?

No. The whole purpose and definition of being estranged is that you have no communication with the other individual. Basically, you dont even see them either. No contact whatsoever. So, if you live in the same house, even though you do not speak, you have contact with them nonetheless, so it is not being estranged.Another PerspectiveYes, you can be estranged from one another yet still reside in the same house. Estranged is a state of mind not a physical separation. Estrangement is different from separation.

What is another way to say lonely?

Forlorn, abandoned, estranged, companionless.

What is another word for constantly?

Another word for constantly is repetitive

What is a substances can be physically separated from one another?

The substances in a(n) mixture can be physically separated from one another.

What is another word for lonely?

Synonyms for lonely are alone, apart, companionless, deserted, desolate, destitute, estranged, and reclusive.

What is another the word that means interested?

Interested can also mean "engaged."

How can component of mixturebe separated fromone another?

they can be separated using different method depending on their physical properties.

How do you get a girl interested in you?

it is a very hard question, how do you get a girl interested in you. there is no real answer because no girl is the same as another and not every girl is into the same thing as another, or feel the same way another would. it really depends on what you think she is interested in, get to know her and see what she is really about, have confidence

If a woman is legally separated and gets pregnant by another man will it automatically be the husbans due to marriage?

If a woman is legally separated and gets pregnant by another man will it automatically be the husbans due to marriage?

What is a heroic couplet?

a pair of rhymed lines not separated by another line

What allows a mixture to be separated by filtration?

what allows filtration to be separated by filtration is the size of their particles. : )

Another word for constantly in motion?

Some additional words for constantly in motion are restless and fidgety. Additional words are hyper, flitting, and antsy.

How do you get a boy who is interested in another girl to notice you?

You should flirt with him and talk to him a lot to show that you are interested in him. Good Luck!

Does a boy like you if he is always teasing you and wanting your attension?

Probably Another important sign is if hes constantly making an effort to be with you, have pics of you, and is constantly staring at you

Will two mares ever get along that constantly try kicking at one another?

Most times, but not always, the kicking will stop when the pecking order is established when one of the mares dominant over the other and the other recognized the dominance. If the kicking does not stop after two or three weeks then they will have to be separated.

What is discontiguous network?

is a comprised of major network separated by another major network

Is there another word for cannot be separated?

conjoined, indivisible, inseparable, inseverable, intertwined...

What does divide mean in science?

One watershed is separated from another by a ridge of land

What is another word for 'at every turn'?

Doggedly, relentlessly, constantly, invariably

How do you spell addapting?

We are constantly adapting to our surroundings. The family is adopting another child.

Why cant the elements of a compound be separated from one another by physical means?

The elements of a compound cannot be separated from one another by physical means because they are chemically combined. Separation of compounds is done using chemical means.

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