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What should you do if you've missed 3-4 periods?

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GO TO THE DOCTOR because if your not pregnant then there might just be something wrong kb

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Could you still be pregnant if your period is due next week and you're having spotting but a pregnancy test was negative?

There is no pregnancy test on the market that is 100% accurate. It's not uncommon if you are under stress to have spotting in between periods. Stress, a person who is sports active, etc., can cause their periods to do odd things (missed periods, spotting, etc.) If it continued in another month you should really see your doctor and be examined. There is probably nothing wrong and it will put your mind at rest. Women from the age of 34 up can have signs of peri menopause (and the age is getting even younger than that for peri menopausal symptoms) and from 45, 50+ women can go right into menopause (no periods.)

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34 monthly cycle past two periods when should you ovulate?

Ovulation occurs 15 days before your period arrive. You ovulated around day 19. A fertility days calculator can help determine the time of ovulation with more accuracy.

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How many kilograms should baby weigh at 34 weeks of pregnancy?

hi your baby should weigh about 4 pounds .

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