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go and hve the Power Steering system flushed

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How much coolant to fill a 1997 Saturn sw1?

The amount of coolant it will take to fill your vehicle is dependent upon how low the coolant level is. You can add coolant to your coolant reservoir. The reservoir will have an indicator of when the coolant system is full.

Will it damage my 2013 Chevy Impala if I accidentally poured windshield washer fluid into the radiator reservoir?

In a small amount (a few ounces), probably not. A larger amount may effect water pump seals.

Coolant leaks from underneath the car after the coolant reservoir cap is removed?

Could be a few things, is it a small amount or a large amount? Check where it is coming from, when you remove the cap you are depressurizing it, I would check the hoses for small leaks that or the drain pin as well could be loose.

You accidentally poured a small amount of oil in your antifreeze reservoir what should you do?

Take off the reservoir & flush it out with hot water to get the oil out. If you drive it it can go through the cooling system and it may distort rubber seals etc. If it's a very minor amount it might not be an issue but flush it to be safe.

How much barrel of liquid through cutting tools?

Coolant to the machine tool is used by the pump again. Coolant level in the reservoir capacity is dependent on the device. The amount may not exceed the 30 liters or 10 gallons.

If you accidentally poured a small amount of power steering fluid instead of motor oil will it cause damage?

Yes!!!! Drain an refill with the proper oil.

If you accidentally poured a small amount of windshield wiper fluid in your power steering reservoir - will it cause damage?

I would replace that unfortunate mixture with fresh power steering fluid using the recommended fluid for the type of vehichle. Some use ATF (automatic transmission fluid) or Mineral Type fluid or most commomly regular Power Steering Fluid. change the old fluid. Find the return line to the reservoir. This line will be near the top of the the reservoir and under much less pressure than the feed/suction line. With the engine OFF...disconnect the return line from the reservoir. Have a helper hold this hose into a bucket. Start the not rev it! SLOWLY turn the steering wheel all of the way to right..then all the way to the left..then return it to the center position. Turn off the engine. This will empty the system. NEXT..put the return hose back on and secure it. Fill the reservoir with new fluid and replace the cap. Start the engine and repeat the wheel turning step once again. Stop the engine and check the fluid level. Fill the reservoir to the specified level. PRESTO!!! You should be in good shape as far as the power steering fluid. . John In Montana

How does hydraulic steering work?

Firstly you need reservoir for hydraulic oil from there goes one line to inlet port of hydraulic pump (which is driven by a engine or electric motor) then the high pressure port from hydraulic pump goes to hydraulic steering orbitrol, which is connected by a shaft to a steering wheel and has usually 4 ports. One port is connected to a pressure port from hydraulic pump (high pressure). Second port is return line to a reservoir (lower pressure). The other two ports are lines that goes to a hydraulic steering cylinder (which delivers the turning force to steering wheels). Operation: When the hydraulic pump is running and has pressure on outlet port the hydraulic oil flows through hydraulic steering orbitrol and back to reservoir. And when you apply turns to a steering wheel the hydraulic steering orbitrol redirects specific amount of hydraulic pressure to a hydraulic steering cylinder and there you have a turning force. -_- max

When i start my Honda EU1 civic the car stalls when turning the steering wheel?

There is an issue with your electrical power steering (EPS) hydraulic fluid pump. You need to check the condition of the belt (on both pulleys) as it's being driven by the engine. If you REV the engine, while turning the steering wheel, do you feel a significant amount of resistance? You may have to check both valves in the hydraulic lines as well. PS: I assume that you have sufficient amount of (clean) power steering fluid in the reservoir already.

What happens when you put transmission fluid in the coolant reservoir?

You are then qualified to work at Jiffy-Lube. Tranny fluid in the fluid resivoir is not a huge deal if it is a small amount. If you put in more, just drain the coolant and refill with fresh according to you manufacturer. Transmission fluid has different properties than coolant. It needs to conduct heat, lubricate the water pump and not vaproize at the engine temperatures.

How do you change 05 hybrid Ford Escape power steering fluid?

To change the Ford Escape power steering fluid, drain any fluid from the reservoir by pulling out the stopper. One can flush the old fluid out of the system. Replace the stopper and add the amount of fluid recommended by the owners' manual.

Where is the coolant reservoir on a Toyota hiace?

Lift the passenger seat and its 30 cms towards the rear of the vehicle and down about the same amount you pull the cap off and the water should be half way up the rubber tube

Is a 15ml reservoir a small or a large amount of water?


Is a small amount of power steering fluid mixed in your coolant harmful?

The antifreeze is half water but has chemicals to prevent corrosion of the water based system. I would recommend getting the cooling system flushed.

Why does your car leak water through its radiator cap when its hot?

The cap is designed to release pressure in excess of designated amount ( probably 15 lbs), but it should release it into the coolant reservoir. Sounds like you need a new cap.

What is a steering damper?

A steering damper is a shock absorber mounted between the axle and steering linkage. It lessens the amount of vibrations felt in the steering wheel.

What would cause the coolant level to rise in the reservoir when engine is hot?

Cooling systems differ, but most are pretty basic and operate at a set pressure. As the engine warms and the thermostat opens, it allows circulation of the coolant and pushes the hot from the motor to the radiator to cool before re-entering the engine. As the general temperature of all coolant reaches a normal, the pressure increases slightly due to the hotter temperature and a little steam. If its only a small rise in the fluid level of the reservoir and your engine runs at its normal temperature, its probably the normal way its designed to function causing a pressure vacuum that draws into the reservoir if pressure is above normal while at temperature and wept back into your radiator as your engine cools and depressurizes. Beware of an excessive amount entering your reservoir and higher than normal operating temperatures, because this may be a sign of a head or head gasket failing and allowing excess gases and air to escape the cylinder thus pushing the coolant out of your system and into your reservoir.

1999 sable power steering blows fluid out cap when you turn car off?

The reservoir/tank is overfull. There is a certain amount of "draw" on the fluid when the pump is running. When the motor and pump are off, there is pressure remaining and the fluid is forced out.

What is the balance of the amount of carbon in each reservoir?

Global Carbon Budget

What is the reservoir that holds the greatest amount of water?

Ice caps/glaciers

Amount water reaching the Aswan High Dam reservoir?

The reservoir, named Lake Nasser has a gross capacity of 168,900,000,000 cubic meters

How much coolant does the resivoir tank hold in a 1999 5.2 durango or how much should be in it and i cant see a fill line and there isnt a dip stick?

The amount of: that the reservoir tank holds in your 1999 5.2 L Durango SUV is approximately 1 gallon. If you cannot see the fill line it should be adequate to keep the reservoir take half full.

Why coolants are used in nuclear power stations and how much coolant is needed?

coolant is used to keep the reactor cool and prevent it from melting down. The amount of cooling that is required really depends on the the amount of heat being put into the coolant.

What would make the low water level light come on in a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue But the car does not run hot?

The low water level sensor is in your radiator overflow resivoir. The reservoir is supposed to have a certain amount of coolant in it but if it's low, the light comes on. This has nothing to do with the radiator being empty. True, if the reservoir is left unchecked the radiator may eventually become low and then you will overheat but until then, it's just telling you the reservoir is low.

What happens when transmission fluid gets in the power steering reservoir in a Mercury Sable what needs to be done can this be flushed out?

Not if it's a small amount. The 2 fluids are very close and in an emergency you can use trans in power steering on most cars with no ill effects since it basically just used for hydro pressure, HOWEVER YOU CANNOT use power steering fluid in a transmission. If you want to flush it out use a turkey baster and draw it out bit by bit adding and running in short sessions until all fluid exchanged. It is a little wasteful but reservoir doesn't hold that much anyway

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