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Vaccum the algaecide and its treated remainder to WASTE. Keep testing until it is ok. It should be fine. You may also call the company who makes the algaecide to get their suggestions. When I had a problem with my pool about three weeks ago, the pool company put a LOT of algaecide in the pool and then I vaccumed it to waste. Now I put just the minimum in each week to prevent algae from growing.

2006-07-30 00:16:36
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What should you do if you accidentally added ten times the amount of Algaecide forty into 18000 gal pool to make it safe for swimming?

I suggest you contact the manufacturer of the algaecide and find out from them what would be the bes coarse of action.

What do I do I put 10 times the dose Algaecide in my pool pool?

Hmmm, you did not read the instructions on the algaecide did you ! Call the manufacturer of the product for this info.

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