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Neither of you are facing the problems that caused the break-up in the first place. You need to be the one to start communicating and talking things out. If he refuses to reply or isn't making an effort then send his butt down that same yellow brick road.

2006-08-21 18:14:09
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How do I completely restart my relationship with my ex?

let her know that's exactly what you want to do :-p

How do you restart my browser?

Sometimes when a browser runs slow, it is important to restart it. It can be restarted by closing the browser all together, and then open a new window.

Why your computer restart?

Because someone clicked "Restart" Or A Temporary Power-out Or Possibly a virus Or Something short-circuited Or a power-surge Or practically anything.

Is it ok to restart your computer when your ipod is plugged in?

Yes, it does not do anything except turn on and off the charger.

How do you restart sims life stories?

You have to uninstall it and then Reinstall it. It really stinks but that's what i did once to restart something that I messed up. If anything, Try this and this is the only thing that I know how to do it. Sorry!! Hope this helped!!

How do you resart an island on Poptropica?

To restart an island on Poptropica all you need to do is click map when you are on an island. It will open up the map of the island, in the bottom left it should say "Restart Island", click on this and answer restart when it asks you if you are sure.That's how you restart an island.PS. If you are not sure if you have restarted or not check if you have the island medallion in your items(or anything else you had in your items before.)

How come my Nintendogs for ds won't let me restart it?

there's one way to restart your game first hold L, R, B, Y, A and X all together when its saying Nintendo on your game

How can you restart your Windows 8 laptop?

The simplest way is to bring your mouse cursor towards the top left or bottom left corner and then the Charms bar will appear. Then, press the Settings icon and after that press the Power icon. You will see three options - Sleep, Shut Down and Restart. Press Restart and volia, your laptop will restart on your own. There is another way that is faster, which is to press Alt and F4 together and then select Restart from the drop down menu.

How do you restart the browser?

You can restart the browser by clicking closed on it. Then you can open it to restart it again.

How do you restart a playstation portable?

to restart a PSP you have to.... attach it to your computer... then delete the files or restart it from there

How do you restart a browser?

You have to restart the browser by closing it by the cross button and then opening it. There is no restart button in it.

My engine stopped on my 2002 PT Cruiser after my radiator went out I tried to restart and it still would not do anything. Is this normal?

It may restart when it cools down or you have toasted your engine. Where is your common sence. Stop next time that happens.

How do you virus without antivirus?

widget restart bu ten using the my computer restart agent restart

When i try to battle somebody in Pokemon pearl Nintendo ds the screen just goes black i cannot do anything and have to restart the game is there anything i can do to stop this?

charge your ds and don't use AR.

How do you restart a Nintendogs game on the dsi?

u restart

Does the clock restart after an incomplete pass?

No. The clock does not restart.

How do you restart Legend of Zelda twilight princess on Wii?

on the menu screen after you press both A and B together at the bottom a option of delete is there click on that and choose the game you want to restart then it will be a new game go on the new game and it will begin at the begining

How do you restart the game?

You don't restart the game you lose the game.

How do you restart Windows XP?

Click on Start -> Shutdown -> Restart

Will disconnecting the battery on a passat and letting it sit restart?

No it will not restart

How do you restart Happy Pets on facebook?

how to restart your happy pets

What is a sentence for restart?

all the students would have to restart their test

How do you restart a phone?

take out the battery or press the restart button

How do you restart The Sims?

restart story mode. there is something that you can click to do that.

Is restart a prefix?

No. In the complete word 'restart', 're-' is the prefix.