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If your parents tell you not to dress up as girls there is a good reason and what they say should go! I don't think that you are aware, that there are some pretty cruel and rotten people out there (men) that wouldn't think twice of guys dressing up as girls. If it's a fun thing, with a stupid wig on your head, pillows stuffed in your blouses, etc., and it's a lark and you're just going to a party to have fun then there isn't a problem. However, whether you like it or not parents often know what is best and they're just looking after your own safety. You may think you know it all, but trust me, you don't! Marcy Yeah all of that but why not go round a friends house a nick there mums make up and borrow there padded bra!

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Q: What should you do if you and your friends want to dress up like girls for Halloween but your parents won't let you do it and where should you go to get it done?
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What should you dress up for Halloween?

a vampire

How do you dress a boy as girl for Halloween?

you should buy a wig for them and buy a girl Halloween costume for them.

What to dress up as with a friend for Halloween?

if you have read the twilight books you will know what i am talking about.... me and a group of friends are going to dress as Bella, Alice, rosalie, and Esme for Halloween... just trying to help out...

If you are dressing up as kesha what should your boyfriend dress up as on Halloween?

Tell him to dress up as P.Diddy

What should I do when my girlfriend wants to dress me as a girl for Halloween?

Let her do it and have fun

What should you dress as for Halloween zombie hobo or mummy?

zombie hobo

How can you make your son want to be a girl for Halloween?

Parents should never force their sons to dress up as girls. Iron Man, etc., are the most popular characters most boys want to dress up as. To force your son against his will to dress up as a girl is actually a trauma to him. Halloween is suppose to be fun for children so go along with what he wants to be.

Should a boy dress up as a girl for Halloween?

It would be perfectly okay if they did.

Why do you dress up for Halloween?

They have always said that you dress up on Halloween keep the spirits away from you because the spirits come out on Halloween .

What to dress up as for Halloween?

You can dress up as for Halloween in any costume that you may like. The pumpkin, vampires and zombies are the common costumes for Halloween.

What should teens dress as for Halloween?

Teens can dress as anything for Halloween as long as it's not too little kiddish. It should be something crazy, but interesting and unique, such as, ninjas, gumball machine, or you could go trick-or-treating as a group and you could all dress up as each other. I know that teens like to go trick-or-treating with friends, so try and do something that you can do as a whole group, or you can even make it a theme.

What should i dress up as at Halloween?

You can dress up as a vampire,monster,bunny,ghost,witch,Disney character,fruit or angel.

What should 4 people be for Halloween that is easy to make?

a dress , pumkin , or wear from everything

In early Halloween why did villagers dress in costumes?

villagers dress in costumes in the early halloween to represent the dead

What should you wear if you dress like a girl for Halloween?

You should wear a dress, makeup, fake jewelry, tights (stockings, leggings, etc.) and high heeled shoes.

What did Scout have to dress up as in the Halloween show?

Scout had to dress up as a ham (leg of ham) for the school Halloween Show.

What should you be for Halloween because you have to work oh and you work at subway?

You should dress up as a cat wearing a subway vest?

What awesome costume should you dress up as for Halloween?

You should b a nerd. Like a cute nerd. Not a nerdy nerd

Can a boy dress like a girl on Halloween?

sure they can if they really want to dress up like a girl on Halloween night, if you will let your son he will. My son wants to dress up like a girl for Halloween so i will let him do it

What should I put on my skin to dress up like a black man for Halloween?

Charcoal works well.

What should a man dress as if wants to get a lot of dates on Halloween?

hustler dracula prince superman firefighter

What should a man dress as if he wants to get a lot of dates on Halloween?

hustler dracula prince superman firefighter

Dress as girl Halloween?

Yeah. But only when I'm not playing a guy for halloween.

Why do you dress up as a mummy for Halloween?

because its could be a Halloween outfit of coarse!

Why is Halloween so important?

Personally I think my family and friends celebrate Halloween because it is a fun time that we can spend together. Also me and my sister get to dress up and stuff our faces full of chocolate and sweets.