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As hard as it is for you both, you need to both see each set of your parents and tell them. Soon you will be 18 and can do as you please. Of course your parents will be upset, but they'll get over it. Have a plan with your girlfriend as to what you want in the future. Perhaps your parents and her parents can help look after the baby and when you are both 18 get married. She should have this baby and you should be part of it. I have no idea if you want to attend college, but if not at least get a good trade (money is good) and discuss this with her parents. You could help support the child and parents of the daughter love to hear this. Mean it! I know it seems that your world is falling apart, but sex is natural and those that didn't get pregnant were just blasted lucky. There are few people (including parents) that had premarital sex. Once they get over the shock they should be supportive of you both. If you both want to keep the baby stand fast and don't let up. Once you both hold that baby in your arms anything is possible! Because you have gone together for 4 years and seem to have a good relationship it sounds like you would have a good chance of being excellent parents and also sustaining a marriage. Good luck & God Bless

2006-09-08 05:01:28
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Q: What should you do if you and your girlfriend are both seniors in high school and you are both 17 and she is now pregnant and she wants to keep the baby but you don't know what to do?
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