What should you do if you and your girlfriend broke up and an hour later she kissed another guy but now she wants you to take her back and you still love her?


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Think about she broke up with up with you and an hour later she kissed another guy ... i mean seriously its like shes cheating on you so i wouldn't take her back unless she shows she really cares...but if you really love her and i mean REALLY LOVE HER and you trust she wont do it again and you can work out your problems then go for it but just remember she could do it again...and maybe shes just coming back to you cause the other guy she kissed didnt like her soo she just went for you again...think about it... :-/

AnswerShes obviously got dependancy issues, don't let yourself be apart of them. If shes that desperate well shesh! it tells you where you stand. She wanted a reaction. That's not a healthy way to deal with things and you need someone who isn't dependent on men and who also knows how to communicate her feelings with you. Hopefully since you guys have broken up she is taking the time to turn her weaknesses into strengths and be able to become more confident within herself. AnswerExcuse me here! None of us know the whole story and it often takes two to get to this stage. Sounds like she was angry at you and kissed another guy to make you jealous. This doesn't mean she doesn't love you. A silly thing to do for sure, but it takes wisdom (we learn as we go) to know what to do and what not to do. I think she is still worth it, and if you love her then sit down with her and learn to communicate together. Without communication you don't have a healthy relationship.
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