What should you do if you are 17-years-old and want to leave home with your girlfriend because your mother does not want you together?

ask yourself "do you really love your girlfriend that you'll sacrfice leaving home?" if the answer is yes, then don't just go and leave, you need to have a plan what to do with yourself and with your girlfriend. You need a place where you can live, you need a job to maintain keeping you alive and your girlfriend. it's really a lot harder than you think, cuz you just don't leave your home and be with your girlfriend and just be happy-happy with her (no offense if i sound harsh, but its the truth, and how else would you know the truth if you no one tells you). If you think this is just a lot to handle, then you should just meet your girlfriend and just keep it away from your mother, but if your willing to do it, then try making a plan what's gonna be next with your girlfriend and i wish you two the best of luck.