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You should find someone your own age to "like".

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What is a sentence with the word Chemistry in it?

I have had chemistry with this girl for a long time

How should you end an essay about if you were a teacher?

you should end it like if i were a teacher thats how i would be like

Why should you like chemistry?

because its good

How should you bounce basketball?

How is this chemistry.... but do it however you would like to.

What is your reaction on the code of ethics for professional teachers?

well it every teacher should act like a teacher not just as a teacher but a teacher

What is the importance of the chemistry in the area of human needs like travel?

if youre travelling with your parents and away from school and your teacher gave you a bunch of chemistry assignments then it will make your travelling a lot more boring

How should a teacher treat with the students?

well i think a teacher should treat there students the way hey would like to be treated. but if the student is rude then the teacher maybe mean.

Why should i become a teacher?

Because you like having your summers off?

Does Ciara Harris like mindless behaviour?

i think she likes them as friends because she is to old to be going out with 15year olds like that so yea she do like them but as friends does that anser your question

How should a coach relate to his players and team officials?

he should treat the players like he their teacher and he should still be nice to them

Should word teacher be capital?

No, the word teacher is not generally capital. There may be exceptions, like if it is used like a proper name, or maybe as a religious title, but not in general.

What is the important of chemistry in mans life?

Seems like you should probably be focussing on English instead.

If you hate a teacher in school what should i do?

if you see the teacher in school you don't like just pretend you cant see them and look away

When should your teacher require you to wear safety equipment like goggles?


What are the games and puzzles in chemistry?

like Chemistry Suduko

Why would you call your teacher at home?

Why would you? Answer that for me. U ether like or love ur teacher and why would u like then? tell me that. No but really it should be only for ur homework.

What do all elements want to be like?

Your chemistry teacher probably told you that they wanted to grow up and be noble gases one day. These are the ones on the far right of the table.

What is the importance of chemistry in clothing?

Chemistry is used to make thins like our clothes, without chemistry, we will have no clothes, thanks to Chemistry. ;)

Who first discovered the chemistry principle that like dissolves like?

The one that discovered Chemistry is Democritus.

What type of fish should you get your teacher?

it all dependes on thier personality like if there funny u should get them a clown fish!

Is the sentence The teacher moved all of the student's desks correct?

Hm.... "The teacher moved all of the student's desk." Actually, no. It should be phrased like this: "The teacher moved the student's desks."

What is the relation of chemistry to economics?

chemistry like economics is based on assumptions.

Should i study biology to be a psychologist?

Yes. You need basic things like chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics.

What do you do if your teacher makes fun of you?

You should first let the teacher know in private that you do not like it and ask them nicely to stop. Hopefully, at that point they will apologize and stop doing it. If they do not stop after that you should complain to the principal and your parents.

Can you use alchemy?

Anyone can use alchemy as it is not that different from chemistry. But like chemistry it has hazards so you should use caution, acquire knowledge, have emergency numbers for things such as poison control, and safety equipment. It can be performed with many instruments used in chemistry.