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These hormones are telling you to do something. what is that something is the question? what your hormones are actually telling you is to sleep with your mothers boyfriend. If she married sleep with her husban. If he is your father that's OK he will understand. Just ask nice!

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A picture of a cycle of a rabbit?

== pregnant mother== babies{kittens}=teenager=adult=gets hit by a car! ==

Is Keyshia Cole's mother pregnant?

Her mother is not pregnant.

What is the mother of all hormones?


Why do your breast produce milk without being pregnant?

It only happens in newly born babies where there is a transfer of hormones from mother to baby and baby produces witch milk.

Why is the Mother cat acting strange after giving birth?

There are a few reasons why the mother cat could be acting strange after giving birth. The mother cats hormones are not the same as before she was pregnant, she could still be trying to figure out how to care for her brood, or she could have an infection.

Summary of theres a teenager in the house by kerima polotan tuvera?

the mother wants to the teenager to become a good person...

If a couple legally adopt a pregnant teenager is the baby automatically their legal grandchild?

Yes. As the legal parents of the mother, any child produced after the adoption becomes your legal grand-daughter.

Is a pregnant cow a mother of a calf or is it a grandma?

A pregnant cow who gives birth is a mother.

What are the rights of a teenager with a petition filed against them by their mother?

petition for what?

Is your mother pregnant?


Can teenager get pregnant?

Yes, it rarely happens. Even the youngest mother is 5 years old and still living over 40 years old (1900s birth). Men can get babies too but more rare.

What steps are needed for a pregnant teenager in order to place their child up for adoption?

The mother (the teen whatever) would have to locate a local adoption center and see the state/city's process for adoption.

When did criss angel levitate his mother?

Criss Angel first levitated his mother when he was a teenager and still in school.

When pregnant does the mother have strong feelings for the father?

depends on the mother. do you have strong feelings for the guy that got you pregnant?

Who is Monique pregnant by?

Actually It's: '' Who is Monique Pregnant by?'' And the answer is...... she got Pregnant by my mother!

What hormones help a mother produce milk?

oxytocin and prolactin

Can you get pregnant while breast feeding?

Yes, a nursing mother can get pregnant. While breastfeeding does suppress your menstrual cycle, it does not always stop it. If you are not ready to get pregnant again you will need some form or protection. Stay away from the pill or any other kind of birth control that involves hormones as these will be passed to your baby when you are nursing.

Can a 15 year old girl who is pregnant in Texas live with her boyfriend?

It happens, and technically she can, but i would NOT suggest it. He could leave you as a single mother at any time. Oh and watch the movie "Where the heart is." Great movie about a teenager who's boyfriend left her alone and pregnant at a wallmart.

How does teenage pregnancy can affect your life?

It can affect a teenagers life in many ways:The teenager will miss schoolThey will put on considerable amounts of weight (this happens to every woman when she becomes pregnant)The baby may make the young mother ill, as the mother has not grown enough to give birth properly, therefore giving her health problemsThe mother's hormones will be very unpredictableThe father may not want to be involved with the childThe mother's family may not want the mother to have the childAfter the birth of the baby, the mother will need a little time to recover and therefore will miss more school

How did ella Fitzgerald's mother die?

She died when Ella was a teenager in a car accident.

Who played Grant's mother on The Secret Life of the American Teenager?

Shawnee Smith

Is Frankie Lons pregnant?

No, Keyshia Cole's mother Frankie is not pregnant.

Will Sasuke get pregnant and if so then who is the mother?

no sasuke is a male and cannot get pregnant

Can dwarf hamster babies be raised by another mother instead of the birth mother?

If that hamster has had babies to, and has the hormones yes.

When do you get female cat fixed after first litter?

As soon as the kittens are weaned; preferably fairly shortly after so she doesn't get pregnant again. The mother cat's ovaries produce hormones that are essential for milk production; once the kittens no longer require milk, the mother cat can be spayed.

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