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What should you do if you are attracted to someone 12 years younger than you?

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I am going to give you my personal perspective on this subject. I was married to someone who was 16 years older than myself. It was nice in the beginning. Then when the honeymoon was over, it was rough. It's such a huge generation gap. And in relationships it's really important to relate and understand where one is coming from. Age does hinder that.

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Chris Brown would you date someone who is 5 years younger than you?

Im sure he might date someone younger than him but not two younger than him maybe about 2 or 3 years younger.

Which age do most girls get attracted by younger guys?

It starts around 10 years old.

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Should i date him if i am seventeen years younger than him?

No! I think 10 years younger in enough!!!

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Would niall date a girl 9 years younger than him?

it depends on how much he's attracted to you

What does anyone think about dating someone ten years younger?

I'm almost 30 years younger and we are perfectly happy!

Should i have a hangup about my girlfriend who has been married 4 times and dated someone 14 years younger?

yeah im a girl and i think you should

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Is it illegal to marry someone 5 years younger than you?


Old harry is an example of?

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What should you do if you have a crush on someone who is 9 years younger than you?

tell him i have a crush on someone 35 and im 20, it would be great for an older woman to tell me she fancys me.

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How are you supposed to feel when you realize that you have feelings for a guy who is four years younger than you?

just feel normal 'cause its natural that we get attracted to those of years younger than us..even i am attracted/have feelings for are guy younger than me 5 years...who cares what other people think..if you like the guy than approach him/her..if you have the guts..or if your shy then just give hints to the guy so that he will be the one to make the move..

Would Tom Daley go out with someone 6 years younger than him?

No, Tom would not date someone 6 years younger than him. He is not dating anyone at present in any case.

Is it OK to date someone three or four years younger than you?

Yes, it is OK to date someone 3 or 4 years younger than you as long as you are not an adult and they are not a minor (under the age of 18.)

Should you date someone three years younger if you are a teen?

No I don't think you should. It wouldn't be fair; they definitely wouldn't have the same experience as you. You could also get in trouble for that reason.

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he better not date someone 10 years younger than him! thatz like .....against the law! god,sick people of the world!!!

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Should a 12 year old kiss?

I think 12 years and older should kiss. It depends on when your comfortable with kissing someone. In my opinion 12 years and up should kiss but no younger than 12. Its when you think your old enough to kiss.

Should I date a girl 3 years younger than me?

You should only date a girl 3 years younger if you are 22 years old or older.

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