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You can always walk away into the arms of the authorities even if they may even want you for something you may have done wrong. You must dissassociate yourself from this person this very second. You can must and should never see them again, or we could be reading about your murder soon, and it will be real and you will so very much wish you took this advice when it happens, but then its too late. If you dont heed my warnings at least let the police know the name of your friend and give them a clear current photo of them so they dont waste valuable man hours on finding your murderer. Oh one last thing, did you know that over 70% of murder victims knew their murderer or where related to them??????

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Q: What should you do if you are being physically and mentally abused by your friend but you can't walk away?
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What should you do when your child is being mentally and physically abused by the mother?

Tell another responsible adult, such as a neighbor or something.

What to do when child abuse is suspected?

You should ask your child about it. Tell him/her that its not their faults and try to get it out of them if their Mother/Father/Friend/Another person in the Family has hurt them physically or mentally.

What should you do if you are being mentally abused by the parent you trusted most?

If your a kid you should tell a concelear at school .

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What can a ten year old do if they're being physically abused by their parents?

You should call the police.

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The best thing to do is to get help. This should be both mentally (therapist) and physically.

Your friend was abused what should you do?

if your friend is being abused you should try telling your parents about it. hopefully they will be able to help. before you tell your parents make sure your friend knows first. im not sure if this will work but talk to your friend and think of something to do to stop the abuse.

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Are you someone who has feelings and for some odd reason your friend tells you to cut yourself to relieve the pain? well please don't. It can cause more harm to you mentally and physically! If you have questions on if you should or shouldn't, ask your parents,or a friend, they should all say not to. This is your time to get help!

Should cosmetic surgery be allowed on the nhs?

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What should my friend do he is over 18-years-old and he is stuck at home with his parents while they mentally and physically abuse him?

Move out! Added: (In the U.S.) Regardless of what state he lives in, at 18 he is legally considered to be an adult and, unless he is mentally or physically challenged and his parents have been awarded his guardianship, he can take control of his own life and move away from his parent's home if he chooses.

If your parents are abusing you physically or mentally are always making you look like the bad person and always punishing you for something you didn't do what should you do?

If you parents are hurting you physically you should talk to a teacher or other trusted adult about it, if there hurting you mentally try talking to a school counsellor. Hope things get better!

What skills do you need to become a detective?

Detectives should be honest and have integrity. They also need to be strong , both mentally and physically, and should be responsible.

What should you do if your best friend is getting abused?

I would suggest getting her out of that house immediatly.

What do you do if you have a friend who is abused at home?

Tell an adult, maybe a teacher or your parents, and ask them what you should do about it.

Does a friend that hurts you deserve a second chance?

It depends upon the scenario, if the damage is humongous that can't be filled with apologies, and requests then one should not be given a second chance. But, if there is less damage mentally or physically, one should be given a second chance for sure.

Can a divorced child move from their mothers house if they are being mentally abused?

YES! not all mothers should be granted full custody of their children!

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