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what worked for me is that I did it with a friend. We both would exercise together and times flies so fast, you will be skinny in no time. Having a friend will keep you focused and you will actually enjoy doing your diet too.


Often a weight lossphysician or some other weight loss professional can help with issues like that. Sometimes we just need a little extra motivation to get the job done.

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Q: What should you do if you are depressed because you need to lose weight and have a hard time staying on a diet?
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Why don't people want to lose weight?

because people are depressed and sad also cry

How can emotions affect your health?

Emotions can effect your health because if you get depressed you might not want to eat because your depressed and that won't be good because you body needs food to maintain weight and health

Should you get liposuction?

Liposuction is very helpful for people who are trying to lose weight especially who are staying away from eating and still they are gaining weight. I would recommended because its has a vary side effects.

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Can some achieve weight loss through hypnosis?

Weight loss can be achieved through hypnosis because sometimes weight gain is an emotional side effect. Some people eat because they are sad, depressed, or lonely. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool because it can help train the body to understand the difference between eating your feelings, or eating for sustenance.

Why should anyone not gain weight or lose weight too quickly?

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Staying below 32 carbs a day will help you lose weight. A 14 year old girl should consult her doctor before beginning a weight loss plan as this can effect hormones in a negative way.

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yes you can, because you body is put under stress, releasing glucose (sugar) to help you, because your body is unsure of what's going on. Also, you lose weight by sleeping (not a lot, but its better then gaining it by staying awake all night) :)

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When someone's bulimic they eat enormous amounts of food and then throw it up. Their body weight is staying the same. Eventually they will loose weight because they're not letting enough food stay in their body.

Should you eat honey if you are dieting to lose weight?

yes you should because honey is healthy

Does stress have a significant impact on weight loss?

Stress affect everyone differently, some people get depressed and stop eating, others eat when they get depressed and thus gain weight. Stress does have an impact on our serotonin levels and that is one of the brain chemicals that can trigger depression.

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