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What should you do if you are gay and you love your best friend?


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2011-09-13 13:02:36
2011-09-13 13:02:36

If you're gay you're gay, and if you're straight you're straight. You can't change someone who is straight, and if you manage then you are taking full of advantage of them. If your friend isn't gay then I wouldn't risk your friendship by putting this pressure on them. Things will never be the same between you after that even though you may remain friends. I know it's a terrible feeling knowing you love someone and can't say a word.

I suggest you start dating gays and leave your friendship the way it is. There is someone special out there for you.


AnswerIt's ok to love that person, but realize that they may not feel the same way about you. Drop hints that you like them and if you feel comfortable come out and tell them how you feel, just be aware that if they really are straight they may reject you and it may hurt your friendship. AnswerThat same thing happened to me like 2 or 3 times. You just have to be there for that person. Think about if you really want to ruin a good friendship or if that doesn't matter that much. I really don't know what sort of things you can do about it, but I didn't tell them and I think in my situation that was the correct things to do, because some friends just come and goes. Right now we are friends still but we talk very little, and I have a crush on some other people, so I think it was better this way. Public humiliation is not fun for anyone. Of course, I said public humiliation cause they were homophobic, it depends on where you live too. Think about if you really want it known to everyone around you that you are in love with a person of the same sex.


You have to really think this through if you should tell them or not. I fell in love with my best friend as well, and when I told her being young and naive we ended our friendship. It took a lot of time for her to get over it alittle and not react so much. Fortunately, she understood a little and wants to continue the friendship to a certain level. But keep in mind that not everyone is like that. You should make sure your friend isn't homophobic first, then drop hints like said above. I don't recommend saying anything if shes straight. If shes straight shes straight, just keep it to yourself. That way you keep your friend, and in the meantime you can find someone else eventually.


If you love your best friend that is your choice, and you can tell your friend that, but if you guys do date there is a 50/50 chance of messing up that friendship when you guys break up.

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If you are also gay, then tell your friend. If you are the opposite gender, then move on.

If you two are best friends you should tell him you like him but respect his decisions on his sexuality.

okay i dont know if your gay or using it to say its gay but if you are gay and he is to you should go for it the same if you are not and you are saying that you are in love you should not wait to tell him cus you never know what tomarrow will bring and you should let him know how you feel.

Either you have a gay best friend or you are the gay best friend idk

No, although a straight man can love a gay man as a best friend.

Why should you have to do anything? If your friend is gay, be a friend to your gay friend.

You should talk to him and see what he means by "gay male" and "in love with". Usually a gay male would not be in love with a woman. Maybe he is no longer a gay male. Maybe it was all a trick to get closer to you. There is no right answer, obviously. But there a lot of questions you could ask him.

Is your best friend of the opposite sex or are you gay? either way sure its ok, i know i am

Not Necessarily, only if you have Intercourse than yes, but if not, it is not gay.

HELLLO. Georgia is my best friend and i love her, her birthday is on the 29th of June 1994. SHES GAY! LITERALLYY!!!! bahahhahahahahha xo HELLLO. Georgia is my best friend and i love her, her birthday is on the 29th of June 1994. SHES GAY! LITERALLYY!!!! bahahhahahahahha xo HELLLO. Georgia is my best friend and i love her, her birthday is on the 29th of June 1994. SHES GAY! LITERALLYY!!!! bahahhahahahahha xo HELLLO. Georgia is my best friend and i love her, her birthday is on the 29th of June 1994. SHES GAY! LITERALLYY!!!! bahahhahahahahha xo

No, he is not gay. People asume that he is since he has never had a girlfriend and since he is in drama. But really, he OS just a shy nerd like his best friend Denis. So the answer is that Rich, the best friend, is NOT gay.

Yes. You should tell your friend that you are gay.

cheat on him with his best friend! then dump his gay self!

Being gay is acceptable and you shouldn't be ashamed of your love. The best thing for you and your friend is to be who you truly are in life.

YOu get a Gay friend the same way you get a straight friend. You be real and open.

We don't know your friend. If you are best friends, ask your friend!

If he is your best friend, you should be able to ask him. Talk about your feelings.

i think you should talk to him and ask him but i dont think he'll be going out with you if hes gay .. ?!

it's not bad or unhealthy for one girl to be gay and her best friend to not be. Being gay or straight isn't a disease it's who someone is.

Yes you should. He won't know what you think of him unless you tell him.

If he really is your best friend he would value that way more than a sexual encounter. Best friends are there for all types of support and sharing but not in that type of way. I know, I didn't understand myself sexually(how can I be in love with my friend-a guy?)I would not let that ruin the respect we had for each other. The gay friend should abstain from sex till he and likewise guys meet. Allen

More people in this world should tell those that they care about that they love them. Being male yourself it is wiser to tell your guy friend that you love them like a brother and not just 'I love you' because he may consider the fact you are gay or just simply strange.

Any time anyone falls in love with their best friend, there is a risk of losing the friendship. But there is also a chance for happiness. But if you are a lesbian and you think the girl is not gay, then you need to move on. You are only setting yourself up for failure. If you are a gay male in love with a girl, tell her. But keep in mind that your relationship can't go beyond friendship.

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