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I'm afraid there is nothing you can do if he doesn't love you anymore. You will need to go through the relationship grief process and get over it. Just don't pay attention to what he is doing. It is a girl-thing. Girls have to watch their ex and see what they are up to and it is only torturing them further. Cut off all contact, don't look at him and do something to keep busy so you don't think about it. It's true.If you keep on watching to see what he's been up to, you only harm yourself. I used to do the same thing, until I didn't care about him anymore. After I stopped caring and ignoring him (cutting off ALL contact) he started noticing me! They come around, trust me, but only after you truly stop caring about him. Live your life. Don't ever talk to him, look at him, don't talk about him, or think about him. First few times you will have to fake it, after that it will be natural. Ofcourse go through the grieving process but don't ever let him catch you sad and upset. Always be happy. Talk to other guys..He has to realize that you no longer want him.Dress extra beautiful. Make people watch you and ask about who you are. This will go to his ear somehow,when he sees what he left is the most wanted by other guys, he'll start to think about you and miss you. After all, guys want what they can't have and he will eventually come back. But by then you probably wont even like him because you will realize life is much better off without him anyway! Good Luck-it works, you will see for yourself if you only try..

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Q: What should you do if you are in love with a guy and he doesn't love you anymore but you can't stand to see him with any other girls?
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if he is starting to talk to other girls a lot... then that means he might not like u anymore if he doesnt act strange in any other way... it might just be cuz he doesnt have anything to say anymore

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When the other person doesnt love you anymore

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hes just showing off in front of you to show you how much he cares about you it doesnt mean he doesnt like/love you anymore its just means that he really likes you

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he looks at other girls

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If a boy talks to plenty other girls the same as you how do you know he likes you?

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Should you let your boyfriend hang out with other girls when he has told me he wouldn't do it anymore?

Yes, just because your dating you shouldn't take away his freedom to talk to other girls. You should trust him enough to leave him alone with a girl knowing he wouldn't cheat or leave you for her. Knowone likes it when you get too clingy.

How do you know a guy likes you when he is very flirty with all girls?

well he probably doesnt like you if he flirts with other girls. talk to him(:

How do you know when a guy liked you but doesn't like you anymore?

when u 2 dont talk anymore and when hes not shy about talking 2 other girls.

Whay do you do if your boyfriend is texting other girls?

you should do nothing. Us guys are ALWAYS going to have friends that are girls, and if we have a girlfriend, that doesnt mean we are just going to drop and ignore them. If hes texting stuff that sounds like hes cheating on you though, you should look into it.

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How would you know when you BF is not interested anymore?

When he doesn't look at you the same.. Doesn't wanna hang out with you anymore.. Doesn't kiss you the same.. Talks about other girls! Doesn't compliment you as much anymore..

He told you he doesnt like you anymore?

HE PROBALLY HAS SOMEONE ELSE. but don't worry bout it there are plenty of other guys out there for u.:)

How can you tell your boyfriend likes someone else and doesnt want to be with you anymore?

you don't talk as much on the phone or in person anymore, and when you ask if its because he is so busy he tells you no that he isn't. when he jokes around about how lucky you are to be with someone so goodlooking or nice because so many other girls want him. when he jokinglily tells you that he's been ingnoring your calls but you feel he wasnt joking. also when he jokingly calls other girls his wifes or "other" girlfriends in front of you! also when he starts acting more like a friend to you then your boyfriend!

Should you hang out with other girls in fornt of the girl you like or not?

As long as your not flirting with the other girls and you keep your distance it should all be goo=)

Things he does that means he still loves you?

not be too flirty with other girls and if he doesnt pressure you to do any thing

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