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Try talking to him and tell him how you feel if he seems to get a little freaked out by the idea back off and realize that you can only have him and love him in your life as a friend and be grateful for that. You will find the man that God intended for you don't look for him, he will come to you Good luck and God Bless!!!

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Q: What should you do if you are in love with your best friend but he doesn't know?
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I love my best friend's brother but he doesnt know?

tell your best friend but tell her not to tell her bro.

What do you do when your best friend doesnt want to be best friends anymore and you don't know why?

Move on.

What if a guy you like likes your best friend?

well ive had this happen to me many times. if this guy is aware that you like him, its not right for him to like your best friend. i know he probably cant help it, but that's not right. if he doesnt know you like him, but your friend does, she should be a good friend and not bother with him.

Ive fallen out with your best friend what should you do?

You know my best friend?

When you love your best friend but he doesnt love you what do you do?

well it time the feeling well be there but if he doesnt love yu then i think yu should remail friend even tho it painful eventually he will see yu..if not then yu know its not ment to be

What can I get my best friend?

You know your best friend the most. Why should you be asking someone who doesn't know your friend? You know what your bf loves and what his/her hobbies are. Think about it.

What should you gift your best friend?

Something that they like. Since they're your best friend you should know what they want.

How do you know you love your best friend?

You should know if your in love with your best friend. I was, and I asked her out and she loved me too! :D if you have to ask how do you know your not in love with him/her

What do you do if your friend doesnt want to be your friend but wont tell you why?

I should never force her to be my friend. If she doesn't want to be my friend then why should I bother about her and force her to become my friend. There are millions of people in this world who know the importance of friendship.

What do you do if you love your best friend who loves your other best friend but she doesnt love him back and he doesnt know you love him?

you just sit your 2 bestfriends down and tell them how you feel and settle the matter after all he is not the only boy in the world

What should I do if I like my best friend but I know she doesn't like me back and if I say something it may ruin our friendship?

If you like her but you know she doesnt like you back then you should probably just stay friends then maybe later on it will be different.

What should you do if you like your best friend's brother and you know he likes you too but your best friend doent approve of it just because she doesnt like the idea?

I would stick to your friends advice. He/She knows her brother more than you and knows how he treats people.

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