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Your best action is to leave him. He's not going to change. Seek legal advice and get away.

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Q: What should you do if you are married to a domestic abuser and have a 7 year old daughter that the abuser has spread lies about?
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Your daughter is married to a Mexican and living in Mexico Should her child be born there?

Yes, they should.

What you should not do for an abuser person?

you shouldn't do anything

Should an animal abuser be able to keep their animal?

That's like asking "Should a child abuser be allowed to keep custody of their child?"

Should a repeat domestic abuser be allowed to coparent and see his daughter?

Well, I'm surprised the abuser is not in prison somewhere being as how they are a repeat offender. If there has never been a conviction of domestic abuse, then ther is no legal reason why he can't see his child. If there has been convictions, then I'm sure the visits will have to be supervised, or he will have had to complete some type of therapy and anger management. * That is a decision made by the court and not the custodial parent. Under such circumstances the person is usually granted supervised visits with minor children for a specified amount of time or in rare cases on a permanent basis.

What if I am already married but i married someone else through domestic partnership?

In the United States you can only be legally married to one person at a time. You should check your marital status with an attorney who practices family law in your jurisdiction and take evidence of your marriage and domestic partnership with you.

What should cabin crew do if passanger abuses her?

Have the abuser arrested.

Should I be insulted because my son in law's family does not personally invite me to holidays but just sends my daughter with a verbal invitation?

If your daughter is married to the son-in-law then no, you should not be insulted. However, if it's your daughter's sister that is invited then yes, you should feel left out.

How can you find a domestic violence program for the abuser?

Look in the front of you local phonebook and it should have a 1(800) number for Abuse HOTLINE. They can give you a few suggestions and also the Department of Family Services in your community should know of some local programs.

Should a married woman go out for fun with a male friend?

nope but she should tell the truth to the guy about her daughter and call him and apoligize to him today

How do you handle abusive relationships?

I was dealing with one myself and the only choice I had was to stop hiding. Usually in a abusive environment, the abuser will force you not to tell. The only obvious answer is to do exactly the opposite of what the abuser tells you. Make sure you do it when your alone and when he won't find out. If the abuser is in physical contact with you then you should tell police or a person you trust that can do it for you( without the abuser knowing). Get out of the house, if you have children then get them out as well, go to a friend/ family member that the abuser doesn't know about. If the abuser knows all your family members and friends then go to a hotel ( bring money ) and make sure there is no trace of evidence that the abuser will pick up and know your there. Once at the hotel, call the police. If your married then tell someone how you feel about your abusive partner and consider a divorce.

What does abusadora mean in English?

It should mean "abuser," specifically one who is feminine.

Is there a word for the offspring of a relation between a father and his daughter?

If the person involved is worried their child will be labeled "bastard" by society, not to worry because this term is seldom used anymore. Unfortunately, the father of the daughter is what you call a Pedophile/abuser and should be reported to the authorities! There is no technical label as far as calling the child any relation to the daughter with exception of her being the mother.

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