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First you need to grow up and learn to commit. Your children need the stability of having their father at home and a home where they can feel safe. Occasional thoughts about "what could have been" are quite normal. In fact most of us do it. Just don't obsess about it. The above is good advice. It's normal when you have been married, looking after children and not having the freedom you once had to look back on old flames or longing for that freedom again. Many people go through this, but what the poster said above is the best advice you could get and if you don't heed it you could ruin your marriage, lose a good husband and possibly lose your children. Is it worth it? I believe in solutions to problems so why not take the energy from always thinking about an old boyfriend and sit down with your husband and plan a mini vacation away together and see if your parents or good friends would take the children for a weekend. Marriage isn't easy and it's most important to make person time for you and your spouse.

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How do you get rid of your married boyfriend?

Introduce yourself to his wife.

Can your boyfriend claim yourself and your children on taxes if he lived in your house all year?

only if he is married or his name shows up on bills for the house.

Do Britney Spears children live with her?

she has no children in fact she's no even married (I'm her boyfriend)

Whose boyfriend did Matt LeBlanc play on TV's Married with Children?

Kelly Bundy

Did Clara Barton ever have a boyfriend?

Clara Barton did have a boyfriend. Indeed, she married a man named Morris Whitman, and they had six children.

Is Melissa McCarthy gay?

Melissa McCarthy is married to her long term boyfriend and they have two children.

Is a boyfriend considered a relative?

no if you havent married eachother or had children, there just your boyfriend... its a not so serious relationship but holds seriousness within to maintain a healthy relationship

Im having a relationship with a married man and im married to what to do?

Nothing. You & your boyfriend don't respect your marriages or each others relationships. Focus on yourself, your husband, & family.

Who is Amanda holdens boyfriend?

Amanda Holden, the singer and actress, is actually married. She married Chris Hughes in 2008. She has two children named Alexa and Hollie.

How do I adopt my boyfriend's children?

You may not be able to if you are not married. Most courts are looking for a stable environment for the children. Boyfriend/girlfriend is not considered a long term relationship.

Can you flirt with guys even if you have a boyfriend?

You can do anything you like, but your boyfriend will get jealous. It also isn't recommended if you are having a serious relationship,engaged,married,or have children ,but even so it is your choice

If you and your boyfriend are in love and you want to get married someday and have children and he knows this but doesnt want to get married or have children what do you do?

Don't force it on him. Take it slow and think about the present. If he doesn't plan on having a future with you, that's fine. He might not be "the one".

You are married and still in love with your ex boyfriend?

God help me- I have children but am still in love with my ex from 15 years ago.

Is vic zhou Barbie's boyfriend?

no they broke up they never got married or had any children those are all rumors

Can you move in with your boyfriend after you are divorced?

Yes. However, if you have children, you may not be able to have them in a home where you live with someone you are romantically involved with but not married to.

What does it mean when your grandma dreams you're getting married?

It could be possible she has a longing in her for you to get married. And the existence of this desire in her now transforms to a dream.

How can you tell if YOUR boyfriend is lying to YOU about wanting to have children?

Answer What makes you think that he's lying about such a delicate subject. If you have doubts tell him that you aren't willing to have children if you aren't married and see what he says to that.

If your boyfriend is paying child support and you get married to him will the child support stop?

Of course not. He is still the father of his children and still responsible for supporting them.

Is my boyfriend married?

He obviously shouldn't be unless he's married to you, but then he wouldn't be your boyfriend. Ask him about it. If he seems hesitant, he's obviously married. But talk to him.

Is Ashanti married?

i think she is not married but i do think she has a boyfriend

Will Jamie Lynn Spears get married with her boyfriend?

No. They did not get married.

Is Kelly Clarkson married yet?

no she is not married but has a boyfriend

Is helene fischer still married?

She is not married. And she was not. But she has a boyfriend.

Is Palomas married?

She has got a boyfriend, but she isn't married.

Is max boyces boyfriend Derek brockway?

No, Max Boyce's boyfriend is not Derek Brockway. Max Boyce is an entertainer and a singer and has been married for quite some time. He and his wife also have children.