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it is normal because i had that happen to me a couple of times while i was on the shot so its normal to have one

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โˆ™ 2011-12-15 16:27:19
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Q: What should you do if you are on the depo shot and you get your period a month in?
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I have been off the depo shot over a month and haven't had a period and neg pg test should i be worried?

No need to worry. It takes some women many months to get their period back after stopping depo.

You already had your period at the beginning of the month and went to the doctor and got the depo shot and now you should started your next period and havent yet what should you do?

It is kind of a up in the air when it comes to the most infamous Depo.. Some people still have their period others wont.

Why im not getting my period and im on the depo shot?

The depo shot prevents you from having a period. Its nothing to worry about.

Does The Depo Shot Take A Month To Work?

If you use the depo shot correctly it will work automatically what I mean by correctly is getting the shot during your cycle I would suggest getting the shot during the first day of your period :)

What happens if you get the Depo-Provera shot and not on your period?

If you are not on your period when you get the depo shot nothing will happen but you will have to use condoms for seven days after you get the shot to help prevent pregnancy ....depo provera only works immediately when you are on your period

I got the shot on the first day of my period last month and have no period at the expected time this month is this normal?

Yes, this is a normal "side effect" of depo. My menses also stopped after my first shot.

Can a woman get her first depo shot 6 days after her period your is it to late?

Can a woman get her firs depo shot 6 days after her period?

Can you be pregnant one depo shot then 2months no period?

It is highly unlikely to get pregnant on the depo provera. And if you are worried because you have not had a period in two months that is normal for the depo shot. It is made to stop your period

Is it normal to get your period one month after being off the depo shot?

yes i got mine back the following mont after discontinuing the shot

Is it normal not to have a period the first month of the depo shot?

Yes its completely normal. Some women are different on the shot. Some have periods some do not.

Had the depo shot last month and got my period do have i have to take another shot or am i still protected?

Your safest bet is to follow the instructions of the provider who gave you the shot.

Do you get a period after your first depo shot?

it is not a period it is heavy spotting.

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