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He doesn't sound like much of a man. If he didn't want you to get pregnant, perhaps he could have taken on the responsibility himself. There are certainly a couple things HE could have done to prevent pregnancy, don't let him blame it all on you. You should not have to live your life in fear that your husband might get angry. If you fear that he may harm you, perhaps you should just leave now, because that kind of relationship is certainly not healthy and you are entitled to a better life than that. Your husband needs to grow up. If he does not want a child, then why is he not putting on a condom and why are you two not using birth control? If you think that you are pregnant then go ahead and take a test. You don't have to tell him the results. If you are afraid of him, maybe you should leave him. I wish you all the best of luck. God Bless:)


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Call his bluff! Ask him why and why he married you in the first place. What he said is not exactly a throw-away comment and the last thing you want to be is second best to his ex wife. Cheeky sod!

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Your husband may be to embarrassed to approach said co-worker and discourage her, so you should trust your husband to make good decisions.

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