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You should tell her your feelings about her and get things out in the open. Maybe you can try it out again. If not then you should try to avoid places where she is if you can't get her out of your mind. Try dating someone else.

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Should he still be friends with exgirlfriend?

Yes, but now since all your friends should be mutual they won't be alone.

What should you do if your exgirlfriend is dating your best friend but thinks she might still like you?

if your girlfriend AND your best friend turned on you- wow- that must hurt

What to do if this guy tell you he likes you and now he back with his exgirlfriend what should you do you need help?

he sounds like a jerk to me........cause no boy should ever tell a girl they like her and then get back with his exgirlfriend. Don't worry about it. He just wanted a girl by his side so he could get his exgirlfriend jealous. One way or another, he still have feelings for his exgirlfriend. I don't mean for you to get upset or anything, but its just the truth and your better off without him................just walk past him in the hall with your pride and he'll know that he messed with the wrong girl ;)

If your current boyfriend is still communicating with his exgirlfriend- whom he still has feelings for- can he move on?

He is a very unsure person. And you should be careful, as he can easily go back to the old girl for good.

How many hours per week can an 18 year old work if still in school?

Legally, the same amount as an adult(48) but as you are still attending school you would have to take the hours you are in school for into consideration. So let's say you can work from five pm onward on weekdays and 9am onwards on weekends. You could work all of them hours as that is legal but you might not want to work that early on weekends after getting up early for your school.

How do you know that your boyfriend still loves his exgirlfriend?

He brings her name up during your conversations, defends her, avoids questions you may have.

What should you do when your exboyfriend and boyfriend are friends but your ex has told you he still has feelings for you If you told your ex you don't have feelings for him should you tell your bf?

Quick answer...yes. Just put yourself in his shoes. If you and his exgirlfriend were best friends and she made advances on him, wouldn't you want to know?

Is Glenn Beck still at CNN?

Beck is now on the Fox News Channel (weekdays at 5).

Do you have to drive 25 in a school zone on the weekends?

Of course, the playgrounds are still full on the weekends, moreso in the case of skaters and boarders who are forbidden during the week.

How do you get your exgirlfriend back when you are still friends?

Simple! You can always get your ex-girlfriend back if she/you are meant for each other. Otherwise stop wasting your precious time :-)

Does the Saddle Club show still play?

i think it is on at 11 o clock on abc kids weekdays.

What is something cute to say to an exgirlfriend to win her back?

i still like you and i want to make you happy just like you do to me everyday hope it works and please recommend me!

What happened to the kid s tv show The Big Comfy Couch?

The Big Comfy Couch still airs new shows! They just got a new Loonete! She's not as good in my opinion, but the show is awesome! Its on on weekdays at 10 and weekends on 23 at 10. The showtimes might be wrong, just look in the TV guide!

Why do boys get so moody when they see there exgirlfriend with a new boyfriend?

maybe its because they still have feeling for there exgirlfriend and the girl may not love them back. some boys do get upset about that!! Or they just dont like the fact she has found someone better than him. maybe not they may not like the fact that shes moved on and he just cant

What tv channel still plays Buffy?

Sci fi on foxtel at 4:30, 5:30pm on weekdays

Do they still show jimmy neutron in nicktoons?

yes the do they are on weekdays @ 1pm and 1 30pm and sometimes it is Invader ZIM

How do you tell a boy you like him 2 years later after you went with him?

Well i have been in that same situation, and i hinted at my exgirlfriend that i still liked her, then i called her and asked her back out. It worked.

Why are The Simpsons no longer on weekdays?

They're still there. Perhaps in the area you live they have stopped, but The Simpsons are still airing in daily (M-F) syndication around the country.

Is Eileen McShea still doing weather on WEWS?

Apparently not. Another "fill-in," Elisa Robyn Malinovitz was there for a couple of weekends, and more recently Jason Nicholas has done the weekends.

Is Ted Turner still alive?

Yes he is 71 now.Yes, he is. He was on THE SITUATION ROOM W/ WOLF BLITZER a couple of weekends ago---- I know because I watched it.The Situation Room w/ WOLF BLITZER airs weekdays from 4PM until 5PM. It also airs Saturdays & Sundays from 7PM until 8PM as a syndicated broadcast.

Is Sandy Beach still employed by the radio station in Buffalo?

Yes - he's at WBEN 930, from 3 to 6 weekdays.

Are free nights an weekends on cell phones free or does it still cost minutes?

Generally, if your plan says "FREE Nights and Weekends," it is safe to assume that yes, they are free. -_- ~{Insomniac Platypus}~

What is a sentence of this word lounge?

On weekends, we like to lounge about in the morning. It was late, but the lounge was still open.

How do you know if a guy still likes his exgirlfriend right after you ask him?

The only way you would know if he still likes her is if he is constantly talking about her during the time of your relationship with this person. There are other ways he could still like her too. Still has her phone number, she keeps coming around him, stares at her most of the time, keeps anything of the past like pictures, gifts, etc. He would rather hang around a place where she is near. Here are some few suggestions, but there could be other reasons the only way to be really sure is to ask him out in the open about his exgirlfriend and if he still feels anything for her.

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