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Some young men just want to be wild and free and some men are shy and quiet. Your boyfriend is the former. The only thing he has wrong in all of this is he shouldn't have a steady relationship going with any girl when he wants to go out and party with his buddies all the time. Some of those buddies of his are single and he could stray. He either is committed to you, or he goes and plays with his friends until he matures and is ready to settle down. Don't cheat on him, but tell him you've had it and it's time to move on! This may scare him enough to spend more time on you, or it may not. You should be learning now, that you are in total control of your own destiny and no man should ever hold you down from being independent (it's you that holds yourself back.) Unless he is willing to commit to a relationship with you then I'd move on. Don't sit at home putting up with this! Good luck hon Marcy

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Q: What should you do if you are uncomfortable with your boyfriend partying instead of spending time with you and what does he look for when he's in a bar with his single guy friends?
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What happens when your boyfriend does not like your friends?

Well, usually your boyfriend might not want to hang around your friends and if they're near you, he might not want to hang around you that much. If he absolutely hates your friends then he might avoid spending any time with you altogether. Stop and think, are your friends true friends, or is your boyfriend not a very good boyfriend? :0)

When you are in a heterosexual relationship why does your boyfriend feel uncomfortable when you hang out with your gay GUY friends?

like hello are u a lezbo

What do you do if your friends don't like your boyfriend?

If you're friends don't like you're boyfriend try to think of it from their perspective. If they don't have boyfriends themselves, they may still want to be good friends with you. Maybe your are spending to much time with your boyfriend and are leaving your friends in the dust. Talk to you friends or boyfriend to explain the situation. If both of them like you for you, they will understand. If not you need to see which one is more important. Good luck!

What if your ex boyfriend is engage can we be friends?

if u both r comfotable with it heck yeah... it will be uncomfortable at first but maybe u'll get over it ;)

Why do you not feel like going out with your friends and you just want to sit in with your boyfriend?

Sounds alot like love. When you find yourself not wanting to go out and partying with youre friends, or when you are already out with your friends and all you can think about is your significant other, then it sounds like you have got it bad.

Why do you feel weird or shy around your friend your best friends boyfriend?

probably becausee it makes you feel uncomfortable. Trust me i have been there :L

What do you do if your crush is your friend but you feel uncomfortable around him?

I personally know what you mean. I have a guy who acts like he's my boyfriend, but then........................yeahh. If you feel uncomfortable, try to stop doing boyfriend girlfriend things with him, and just plain old TALK> # well your probably uncomfortable aroun him because you like him and you've been friends for so long # so you need to tell him the truth about how you feel and that burden will be lifted off your shoulder # then you'll be able to move on either to boyfriend girlfriend or just friends like it used to be

What does it mean if it takes your boyfriend a while to text you or answer texts and he always seems to be spending time with his guy friends instead of you?

he's just not that into you

Is it wrong that your spending more time with your friends boyfriend then her?

Yes it can be because then your friend may become mad at you and her boyfriend might get the wrong idea. You don't want to ruin her relationship with him would you?

If your a guy and your friends boyfriend cheated on her should you beat him up?

If you don't mind spending time in jail for it. It is a crime to assault or batter someone.

What should i do if my friends call me boring just because i do want to go out partying?

say "you're the ones who's boring" back to them and go out partying

What can you do when you don't have friends anymore and only your boyfriend is there for you?

It seems you may have given up your friends for your boyfriend or have been made to. Try reintergrating yourself back into things you enjoyed doing before and spending time with friends whether it be old or new. If you find your boyfriend does not like this and behaves in a manner that is undesirable that would indicate you are in a controlling abusive relationship and need to get out.

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Should you be upset that your boyfriend wants to hang out with his ex?

You should totally tell him your uncomfortable with it if he still hangs out with her why are you with him!If he says their just friends theres definitly somethin going on!!

What should you do if your boyfriend tells his friends everything about your sex life and then he expects you to hang out with them and act like everythings fine when I'm totally uncomfortable with it?

Tell him if he wants you, he's gotta stop.Or leave him, because what good boyfriend would do that?

How do you find if your boyfriend is cheatin on you?

well if your boyfriend is cheating on you then he wouldent be spending time whith you hed be getting out of the house a lot not hanging out whith you so if he is then ask all your friends who there going out whith then stock him so ya!!!:)

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Jealous of boyfriend's friends?

are your boyfriend friends females? if so, tell him that you don't think it's right that he is friends with females since it makes you feel uncomfortable and you think it will cause problems. if his friends are males and you are jealous of them because he spends all his time with them and is hardly with you, tell him that you think he should spend more time with you. in either case, if he really cares about you he will do what he has to do to make you feel better. if he says he doesn't care and that he will keep doing what makes you uncomfortable, then you need to analyze your relationship with him and ask yourself if you want to have a boyfriend who doesn't care about your feelings.

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If the boyfriend you've been with for a year in a DR says he loves you and wants a future with you but you keep seeing pictures on Face-book of female friends with him what would you do?

well if he is snogging them then dump him but if he is partying etc talk to him the answer in a word is... TALK

Your boyfriend and his female friend both say they are just friends..Do you believe them?

I would. Im a guy and my best mate is a female. We have a perfectly platonic relationship. But if you feel uncomfortable with it. DUMP HIM!

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Yes she has friends and the boyfriend stuff is none of our business

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your friends boyfriend will breakup with your friend, and your friend will get mad at you.