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Sit down and talk, as them how their feelings have changed, is it something you have done - have you changed. Not that it is a bad thing if you have changed, relationships have to adapt to the changes and maturing of the people. Try and make it work, allow each other to do your own thing, and embrace the changes, it will either keep you together, or you won't be able to work through it, and it was never going to work anyway.

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Q: What should you do if you are with someone you love very much but they are not sure whether they still love you like they used to?
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Why does someone breakup if they still like you?

Well it could be that person likes someone else besides you and is deciding whether that person should be dating you or the other.It could be that they feel a little bound by you to see or look at other boys or girls.Their's a lot of reasons of why they might break up with you and still like you,maybe you should ask them.

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What if you like someone and you feel emabbaressed to tell them?

That's normal but u should still tell them

What should you do if you like someone and sometimes you feel like he likes you but at other times it seems like he doesn't?

Be friendly with him, get to know him better, find out if you like him enough to tell him so. If he asks you out, go out with him. If he asks you out again, go out with him again. If you still struggle with whether he likes you or not, don't go out with him.

Should you go out with someone if you're not sure you like them?

It's reasonable to date someone if you're not sure you like them; this is how you discover whether you do like them. If you find you don't like them, stop dating them because you're wasting both of your time.

What should you do if someone you like asks someone else to a school dance?

Find someone else to go to the dance with. Its not like the person you like is getting married. There's still hope. The worst thing you can do is mope about it. Have fun

Does a guy like you if he is mean to you?

Whether he likes you or not, why would you want a relationship with someone who's mean to you? You should forget about worrying whether he likes YOU and ask yourself if you really like HIM. That's much more important.

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Your question sounds like you're still emotionally a teenager if you are expending energy obsessing over whether "someone you like tried to talk to someone else." The right answer for an adult in this situation is to do nothing. If someone you like isn't behaving as if he/she is interested in you, then he probably doesn't, and you should get on with life. Plus, dating people at work is a risky move. The chances of it working out are very slim, and when it does fall through, what're you going to do then? Avoid them at work? Get another job? Is it really worth it?

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What should you do if you like someone and they like someone else?

Start liking someone else

What do you do if you like someone but you dont know how to tell him?

Just say '' Hey I like you whether you like it or not."

Boyfriend but you also like someone else what should you do?

i have a boyfriend but like someone else whai should i do

What do you do if you know someone likes you but you don't like them?

with me i just waited, the probably won't like you forever, and if they still seem like they like you after time, well you should do what you think is best.

What do you say when someone asks you how much do you like them?

you say the truth, whether you really do like them or not.

If you like someone and he has a girlfriend but he is unfaithful to his girlfriend at times should you still tell him you like him?

No way you can do this as you are not sure about integrity of the person and how can you be sure that he will be faithful to you in future??

What should you do if you like someone but they already asked you out and you said no?

Tuck your tail between your legs and ask them if the offer still stands.

Should you tell a girl you like her before meeting her?

Definitely not, simply because she will feel like you are stalking and will get creeped out. It's unfortunate, but true. You should try to get to know her a bit more, so that you can know for sure whether or not you like her. Then you can go ahead and tell her, if you still feel like you should.

Say you dated a girl that you liked but she asked you to go out thenyou find out that it was just a dare and you still like the girl what should you do?

you should forget about her. try to get over her and move on to someone who respects you not someone who will play with your heart.

How do you know when it's time to give up on someone you love and should you if your not getting what you need or what you would like to get out of the situation?

this is a very tough question to answer but if you love someone you should give them time like a month or two and if your still not enjoying it see couples counicling.

What do you do when you like someone but is scared to tell them about it?

u should say if u love me so much why u still in that bad relaship

If you still really like someone but she doesn't like you she dumped you a bit ago but you still cant get over her what should you do?

Only time will heal. Start dating others, it will take the edge off. Sooner or later you will find someone you really like, and the feelings you are experiencing now will disappear. Been there, done that!

How should you tell someone you really like them?

If your trying to tell someone that you like them you should be truthful. Just being plain honest is going to be the best way to tell someone you like them.