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Did you bleach your teeth yourself using household items? Anyway don't do anything about it now, you might just make it worse. Go see a dentist and they should tell you how to fix it.

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How do you use noticeable in a sentence?

A sentence for you; I discovered a small hole in my shirt, but decided it wasn't that noticeable.

Why are Anderson shelters small?

They were small because then they were less noticeable for the German aircrafts

Where is genetic drift most noticeable?

In small, isolated populations.

Where is the blow off valve located on a 99 eclipse gst?

the bov should be on the middle left side of the engine compartment, that is if you're facing the engine from the front of the vehicle, the stock bov should just look like a small black cylinder and its not very noticeable but should be noticed by what seems to look like a cap or lid at the top of the cylinder, there should be a vacuum line connected to it, and it should sit atop a bigger tube.

What is noticeable inside of the atrium?

Noticeable interior features of the atrium include smooth walls and several small orifices. Ridges and valves also are easily spotted.

After releasing a deuce should you wipe front to back or back to front?

back to front of course....but my coworker says front to back...he says its because his balls are suprisingly small and get in the way!! Back to front if you like to grunt!

What does the small front do in basketball?

He 'small fronts' all the ladies in the front row

Does magnesium react with water?

When magnesium touches water it has a very small reaction hardly noticeable

Can red eared sliders eat chicken?

Yes, small amounts of cooked chicken are a relatively common diet addition in captivity, but should be more of a treat than a noticeable portion of the diet.

Why would my Child have small round white patches on the front of his tongue?

Could it be thrush? You should check with your pediatrician.

Do pencils have gravity?

Yes. Everything with mass has gravity. However, a pencil has such a small mass that its gravity is not noticeable.

How do you remove the shift knob on automatic 2001 Alero?

Their is a small staple in the front of the knob you pull it out with a small screw driver and it should pull right out hope it helped

Where is the horn in a 1986 VW Golf?

Should be just inside the front grill (its a small round thing with one wire)

What should you do with your hair for first day of school tomorrow?

Curl it with a curling iron! An do a small braid in front and clip it to the side.

Is a nose piercing hole small or hardly noticeable?

When I take out my nose ring I cant even notice the hole.

Is it normal to get erections whenever im in your boxer briefs?

It is not normal. Your erection is too small to see, therefore not noticeable.

Does cockroach have teeth?

Yes, cockroaches do have teeth. The teeth are not noticeable to people. They are very small and one is located in the stomach.

What jet has a small wing at the front?

EuroFighter Typhoon has a small wing at the front. It is one of the advanced fighter jets in the world.

In what gear are you on your bicycle?

The one you have chosen. If you have several sprockets on the rear the biggest is the "first", then you can count up from that. If you have several sprockets on the front as well, then you start counting from small front/big rear (first gear) to small front/small rear, then you start over att big front/big rear to big front/small rear(last or highest gear).

Are there earthquakes in Ireland?

Yes, but they are very small and very rare and would hardly be noticeable and so they would not do any damage.

How to take apart a Remington 700 bolt?

Just in front of the trigger there should be a small little button thing. Just hold that in and then work the bolt back and it should come out.

What should you do if there is a small sinkhole in front of your house This is the second one in less than a year?

you should call a professinol to fill it up. if you don't want to fill it up with dirt

How does mrs wormwood in Matilda look like?

Small, fairly short. She wears garish clothing and attempts to be glamorous with her clothes, over done makeup and bleached hair.

Where does SD card go in a wii?

In the front of the Wii there is a small door (sort of) under the reset button. Open it and you should see a red button and a small slot. The slot is for your SD card.

What size should your meals be?

They should be small they should be enormous They should be small and with 5 fruits a day They should be small and with 5 fruits a day

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