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What should you do if you broke up with your boyfriend of almost four years because he was taking you for granted and you've hardly seen him at all this year because of his thesis and he hasn't called?

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2006-07-26 09:10:39

I'm sure you are hurting from the break-up. It's difficult when

someone is studying a lot and I do know students that have little

time for a social life. It doesn't mean your boyfriend was

necessarily taking you for granted, but should have been honest

enough to tell you he didn't have that much time for a social life

with you. There is nothing for you to do as the relationship has

ended. If you still love him then try communicating with him and

see where he's coming from. I'm sure he will tell you that he can't

promise a lively social life while he's studying. You'll either

have to accept the little you see him or move on.

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