What should you do if you called your boyfriend's ex to find out some info on domestic violence and found out she's been sleeping with him off and on the whole time?

It appears you are a victim of domestic violence by your boyfriend. First off kick this jerk to the curb immediately! Then kick her to the curb along with him. Some friend! Lets hope both of them can conger up one brain between them and get some help. I'm really sorry this has happened to you, but no matter how hurt you feel inside you just got a short-cut in life that has saved your life. Get away from both these people, and start your life over again. Many of us do. You are strong, you can do better and there is a nice guy out there that will treat you the way you should be treated. I was married before to a verbally abusive man, and it was starting into physical abuse. I took it for awhile, but then I suddenly got the strength from somewhere and left him, moving into my own apartment. I quit my job and found another one and got rid of some of the friends he and I had as well. I started a whole new life and it was easier than I thought, and what a beautiful feeling freedom is. Good luck Marcy