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What should you do if you cannot get your contact lens to go in?

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Get Help From Vision Center.

Before getting contact lens, your optometrist is suppose to teach you how to put them on properly and how to rinse and store them. Once after they teach you if you still can't get them to go in your eyes, then continue trying. Practice makes perfect and pretty soon it will be second nature to you

2010-08-11 21:22:51
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What are some household solutions used to clean contact lens?

DON'T DO IT!! Do not pass "go", do not collect $200. Go directly to the drug store and get yourself some contact lens solution.

How do you make your own colored contact lenses?

You can't. Just go to any contact lens shop that sells color contact lens and tell them you want to change your eye color

If you run out of contact lens solution what can you use to store them in till you can get more?

If you know that you are out of contact lens solution, immediately go out and buy some. You can not put anything in the till except for contact lens solution. I usually shake my bottle and listen to how much I have in the bottle

The Advantages of Contact Lens?

There are numerous choices when it comes to buying contact lens. People choose contact lens for different reasons, but the most obvious reason is style. Many people like not having to wear glasses. It can totally change their look and style. However, an uncomfortable pair of contact lens can be very unpleasant. When you go to the eye doctor, this professional will decide if you are a good candidate for contact lens. Then the doctor will write a prescription for a specific type of contact lens. Normally, the doctor will take in consideration your life style. The type of work and activities you perform can make a difference in the contact lens you should wear. Most patients get to try on the new pair of contact lens before leaving the eye doctor’s office. You can determine the comfort level of the contact lens at this point. If there is a problem, the doctor will change the prescription. Furthermore, once you go home with your new pair of contact lens, it is important to keep them clean. Some contact lens must be taken out nightly; others can be worn for an extended period of time. It is important to pay attention to the instructions for your specific type of contact lens. Failure to follow the instructions can result in unpleasant consequences. Proper cleaning of the contact lens is important. Taking the contact lens out as directed is also important. Proper care of your pair of contact lens can lead to a successful experience. Additionally, there are contact lens available that have different qualities. Some are colored; others are more moist. Recently, a pair of daily disposable lens were introduced. There are so many options to choose from. Wearing contact lens is an excellent experience for many people. People that wear glasses like the freedom this eye wear affords them. They are able to switch up their look and have another option. It is advisable to always keep a back up method of eye wear available. There can be some days when the eye may be irritated. Or there may be times when the eye simply needs to rest from the contact lens. Wearing your glasses during these times is best.

How do you make your own contact lenses?

Since contact lens go in the eye, and the eye tissue is easily injured, you should never try to make them from common materials. The only contacts placed in the eye, colored or otherwise, should be those prescribed and checked by your optometrist.

How do you get the contact lens to stop sticking to your finger and go in your eye easier?

Your contact lens will stick to the "least wet" thing it is in contact with. Try putting a couple of drops of solution on your finger so that the lens can easily move off your finger onto your eyeball. The easiest way that I find to put a lens in is to place it on the eyeball and then slowly move your eye (ie look away). Because of the shape of the lens, it moves with the eyeball and "off" your finger.

Can you still wear a contact lens if it's torn?

no! don't wear it! if you do, it damages your cornea and you can go blind!

How much do colored contact lenses cost?

It depends on the brand of contacts. A commonly prescribed color contact lens is the Freshlook lens made by Ciba. Go to 1 800 contacts to get a price if you want to know how much they cost.

What should you do if you lose your contact lens in your eye?

Um. That sounds painful my guess is to go to an eye Dr. or try to get it out carefully Don't Mess With Your Eye! I'm not an expert but hey i just want to help.

In paper Mario and the thousand year door how do get to the west side of town?

After chapter 1 (when you defeat hooktooth) go back to the store on the rogue squar. there you can 'order' a contact lens when you talk to a shroomie. Do a side quest (east side) and your lens should be ordered and buyable in the shop for 10 coins.

Your penis is not go in ovary?

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Can you go to sleep if you can't remove a contact lens?

well you are gong to have to go to the eye doctor and try to get them out but i think it is impossable for you have to have problems taking your contacts. and you can get eye drops and get them out

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What should you do if you have a complaint about a company that sold you contact lenses?

First, of course, you should complain directly to the company and see if you can work it out with them. If you can't, you can go to the FDA. See their MedWatch reporting program at Also, you can report problems involving contact lens sales by Web sites by sending an e-mail to

How long are most contact lense good for before they need to be replaced?

Depends on the people who make them. Some go bad after a short time. Others are much longer. Also you spelled the word "lense" wrong. It should be "lens"

Can you re - use contact lens after it expires?

No. Follow your eye care practioner instructions. If he/she tells you to go back in one year to make sure your eyes are ok wearing contact lenses, then do it

Is a prescription needed when purchasing contacts online?

If you want to order contact lens online you will need a presciption copy. In order to get this you can either contact your eye doctor and have it faxed or go and get one and send it yourself.

How does light go through a lens?

Light goes in the lens, refraction occurs, and the light exits the lens.

Can numbness be permanent?

No it should go away soon but if not you should contact a doctor ASAP.

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Where can one find discounts on contact lens in Calgary?

If you go to Calgary optical they are an independently owned business who will give you a huge selection of different contact lenses. They also offer discounts and offers for selected items.

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