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hire a private investigator to follow him to work


Not many women would think their husband was having a gay relationship so you must have many doubts. The other poster is perfectly correct. It should only take a weekend or two by a detective to find out if your husband is really having this relationship. If you decide to hire a detective and your husband is telling the truth then you should keep this fact from him or you could well end up risking the loss of your marriage.

I would hire a detective in your situation in a heartbeat, because if your husband is cheating on you (regardless of the gender of his lover), then there is a high possibility of him coming into contact with sexual related diseases.

2014-02-18 05:37:13
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Q: What should you do if you confronted your husband about suspicions of him having a gay relationship with his work friend and he responded by saying he doesn't make love to this person?
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