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He probably is freaking out because you guys were such good friends for so long, and he is hoping that if he distances himself you wont like him like that anymore because he just wants back the relationship you guys used to have He is freaking out, men don't like relationship changes. He saw you as 'safe', a friend that knows all about him & doesn't care. Now you want to go to an intimate relationship where he's exposed & his faults matter.

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Your ex boy friend broke up with you a few months but you still love him?

Tell him of your feelings or get out with some friends and forget about it.

How do you get a boy you like attetion?

you start by being friends and after some months or weeks you will find out if you what him as a friend or as a boy friend

Your best friend brother and you broke up about a couple of months ago and you secretly found out that she is about to hook him up with a friend of a friend is it wrong to be mad about this?

i belive you should only be mad if you still have feelings for him and your friend knew, but if not i understand why you would be upset but you need to know that because you dont have feelings for him you shouldn't be mad. do you get my drift? -Evie :)

How do you add my friends as a mutual friend?

You don't honey, it just happens if you and another friend have a friend in common! (It's complicated!) If you are new to Facebook then it happens in a couple of months!

How do you be best friends?

OK first you need to know that person well. Then be friends for a months, then go for the kill and ask if we are best friends. But Alejandro Ruiz is a good friend.

What should you do if you told your best guy friend that you liked him and he said no 2 months ago but now he starting to show some feelings for you but he did the same thing to months ago?

ask him out again.

Hint that a friend if yours contacts you months later after not being friends anymore and asks about your boyfriend?

If an old friend contacts you after months of not speaking and inquires about your boyfriend, they may have information about him. They may also like the guy.

Can my child enter kindergarten when he is a couple months younger than 5 years old?

In the Britain children leave kindergarten aged 5 to begin primary school. Therefore, a kindergarten will probably take babies and children up to five. Enquire at the kindergarten to be sure.

Is it possible for a married man not to have feelings for a girl he was friends with for years and they had an affair that lasted for months until they got caught now he doesnt speak to her?

Yes, it is possible for a married man to have some feelings about a girl friend that he had an affair with as they had some good memories together. However, this does not mean he loves her, but probably misses her as a friend. In time, memories fade and hopefully the marriage is strong enough to survive. Good communication skills to discuss each others feelings is extremely important and perhaps marriage counseling would help.

Why ex boyfriend still sent instant messages after 3 months break off?

probably because he still has feelings for you or just wants to be friends. (:

Is it possible for a married man not to get feelings towards his mistress when they were friends b4 affair and the affair lasted 7 mths?

It could but I doubt it. He will not last this long with his affair if he don't have feelings for her, after all they were friends before, and being friends shared a lot of things when it comes to their own private life. This married man might not admit how he feels for her but believe me he have feelings for her. If all he desires is sex, it will not last 7 months.

If a married man and his mistress were friends for years and they had an affair together over a 7 mth period and only stopped because they got caught did he have feelings for her?

Yes. "Friends for years", "seven months" and "only stopped because they got caught" are the key reasons for why you know there were feelings involved.

If you've been dumped by your best friend then separated but become best friends months later and you still have feelings for them How do you tell them?

Answer This could be tricky because you don't know if he wants you just as a friend or not, and if you do know you didn't say so in your question. Take your time and slowly let him know that if he did want you back, you'd be there for him and let him decide what he wants.

What do you do if you told your girlfriend that you were gay months ago but she is still dating you anyways and you don't want to hurt her feelings because she is your best friend?

say something like "I'm really sorry i love you as a friend but I'm not attracted to you I'm gay and i don't feel comfortable being in a relationship with you but i REALLY want to stay friends" good luck :)

Your ex boyfriend and you have decided to stay friends you found out he has a new girlfriend you catch up with him every couple of months Why hasn't he told you about this new girl?

It seems like you still have feelings for him and he probley knows this an don't want to hurt your feelings. seeing how u both decided 2 stay friends.

If you broke up 3 months ago and he says he doesn't have any feelings but wants to be friends could there still may be a chance to work things out?

Not often - if he said he doesn't have feelings for you chances are that he doesn't anymore at this time. Guys don't put too much thought into such feelings.

What grade do they teach about months and years?

Depends. In the U.S., probably around kindergarten or 1st grade.

Would a married man get feelings for his mistress if she was the only one he was messing around with and he was seeing her for six months but deny it and say only in a friend kinda way?

probably after 6 months of wonderful sex With a beautiful woman He probably would have feelings for herB:Sorry love but when someone says were only friends it meant more than a friend. An affair of a married person will always started being a friend. A friend that talk about anything and everything away from his wife or husband. It doesn't matter what kind of friendship they have but when they start talking about thing intimate moment it will become more than friends. This married man is already having emotional affair with this other woman. Emotional infidelity is worst than anything. This is how a married man start falling in love with new person because he will say that she listen more that his wife.

What to do if best friend is going to other city for 2 months?

Keep in touch as much as possible and try to get to know some of your other friends better. Two months will most likely fly by if you do and then you have stronger friendships with everyone when your friend comes back. That help?

Did Justin flew his best friend to the Bahamas to hang out?

Yes. Every one or two months he flies his two best friends out to where he is to hang with them

You tell your best friend is lying?

i once had a friend who was lieing to me for a long time. i told her i didnt want to be friends anymore. but i just had a break from her for a few months and then she said she wouldn't lie anymore.

What to make for a friend on a friendaversary?

If you have been with your friends for ages ( months etc ) then the best thing to do is get a braclet say best friends or something.Thats what i did and My best friends and i are still going strong after 6 yrs :) and we still always wear them (:

If one of your friends made you and your boyfriend break up about 3 months ago and you still have feelings for him how can you win him back when he is still single?

talk to him all flirty and make him want you

What if your ex likes your best friend?

If they are a true friend they will know that your ex is kind of out of their league. It also depends on the amount of time you have been broken up with them. If it is less than maybe 2 months, it's a definite no! Talk to your friend, see if they like your ex. Talk about your feelings with them. They will understand.

When does a cat reach mating feelings?

Males at about 4 months and females at about 6 months on average.