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I would call my doctor. I had a miscarriage at about that point in my pregnancy and they ended up doing a D&C to make sure everything got cleaned out. Not that a D&C is something you want to ruch into as it can leave scaring, but it might be good to have a doctor allerted because if you get a fever or excess pain or I don't know what else, they might want/need to do one. You wouldn't want to get infected.

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Q: What should you do if you didn't have your period for two months and then had painful cramps and heavy bleeding when you did get it?
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How do you know you have your period?

Bleeding, cramps, irritability.

Which is the earliest stage of miscarraige?

The earliest sign of a miscarraige is painful cramping and bleeding. Some cramps are normal, as well as pink or brown bleeding. The cramping that is normal will feel like mild period cramps. Any type of painful cramping as opposed to minor discomfort I would recommend going to the hospital.

Is period is painfull?

The thing itself is not, but you may get cramps that can be painful.

Could vaginal bleeding during pregnancy be mildly painful?

Mildly painful, yes. No worse than period cramps is healthy. Could be your expandung uterus. How heavy is your bleedin? Heavy bleeding accompanied by lots of pain may be a sign of a miscarriage.

Can you have implantation bleeding and cramps after youre two weeks late for your period?

Yes, you can get implantation bleeding and cramps if you get pregnant.This may occur two weeks after you believed you were due to start your period.

What does it mean if you are having menstrual cramps and bleeding?

you might be having a period

What is it when you have all negative pregnancy tests for 2 months but no period and then have light bright red bleeding no cramps or pain?

you're obviously not on birth control, so maybe you just have an irregular period.

Is bleeding a sign of miscarriage?

It can be a sign of a miscarriage or it can just be "normal" bleeding. If you are bleeding, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. With a miscarriage the bleeding is usually "chunky" and you have cramps, but not always. It could be a sign of miscarriage if its heavy bleeding like a period i had a miscarriage 2 months ago and mine started out with mild cramps then i started to sopt brown and then i was bleeding like a normal period and a few hours later the cramps got really bad talk to your doctor about this. Dont worry to much over it some women do spot when they are pregnant. Good Luck!

I came off depo 9 months ago had first period after 7 months and had 1 other normal period. I was bleeding every 10 days and now I have light spotting when i wipe and cramps. Could i be pregnant?

probably but I'm not positive cause i haven't had a period in about 2 or 3 months?

Can the depo provera shot stop your period after second injection?

when started my depo, i still had bleeding in the first 3 months. but after my 2nd shot. on my 6th month. NO BLEEDING. but to me it still felt like i was having a period. cramps, bloating, senative nipples. and no pregency.

How do you know when your starting your period?

You might get a little moody, cramps, bleeding, back aches.

Do you have pain during vaginal bleeding?

Vaginal bleeding can happy during a period and it can be slightly painful but it should not be uncomfortable. It certainly shouldn't be painful all time. If a person is bleeding from the vagina and it's not during a period she should go to a doctor.

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