What should you do if you do not like your boyfriend's mom?

First things first. Who are you dating the boy or his mom? Sure it would be good to get along with her but you got into the relationship because of him not his mum. Be pleasant when you see her, smile and say hi and that's all you can really do. If she doesnt like you then she doesnt like you, you can't do anything else than be nice to her.


Well, what a loaded question. We all don't get along with our partner's mom so the best thing to do is to try to figure out why and work on it. If that is painfully difficult, then just try to be civil and see her only when absolutely necessary. If your boyfriend is a momma boy and she's always right, get rid of him because that will never change. If you give it a try to get together with her and work out the issues together, that makes for all around happiness. Good luck.

I've been in this situation before, so I can definitely tell you from my own personal experience that it is better to be on good terms with her. Although you may have a legitimate reason to dislike her, you need to be polite. And also keep in mind that no matter how wrong she can be, you must be respectful and you definitely cannot say anything negative about her to your boyfriend. Even if he complains about her, you shouldn't agree. If you simply cannot stand her, then only speak to her when necessary. But it is important that you make a good impression. Depending on your boyfriend's relationship with his mom, she could be very influential. If she's on your side, it's definitely a good thing. So say hi, and be polite. Understand that she is going to be a constant aspect of your relationship with her son, so no matter how much you wish she'd get out of his (and your) life, it just wont happen. So with that in mind, is this relationship worth it? Your decision shouldn't be based solely on his mother, but keep in mind that she will always be a part of your relationship, whether you want her to be or not.

It's Important ,

to get along with your boyfriends mom. Usually, mothers and sons have a personal connection with each other. It's harder for the mother's to let go of their son's then it is for the fathers. Try and get along with her, it will help in the end.