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Some husbands can be very sneaky and this is a hard one. He could honestly be working late or perhaps he's depressed. Only you would know him the best. Signs of cheating are: Saying he is working late, but you can't get him at work Not coming home until very late at night or early in the morning Phone calls where someone always hangs up. Women's phone numbers on his cell or written on a piece of paper in his wallet Another woman's lipstick on pieces of his clothing The smell of perfume and it's not your brand! The quickest way is to hire a detective, but they don't come cheap and your husband may not be cheating at all. Just because your husband may not talk to you all the time, is quiet, disinterested with you, the kids, or things in general he could possibly be worried about something or depressed. It's best to sit down and talk! These are only some clues. The best thing to do is confront your husband and probably he will lie, so really look at his eyes and see if his face turns red. If he still doesn't admit to it he knows now that you are onto him. Good luck Marcy

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Confront him.

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Q: What should you do if you feel like your husband is cheating on you?
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A married women asked you out to lunch should you go?

no! its like cheating on her husband

Why do you feel like cheating on your husband of nine years?

b/c you love him but you aren"t IN LOVE with him

Can you feel like you are the mistress of your spouse while he was cheating on you?

Yes, the wife can feel like a mistress when her husband is having an affair because he may well either love his wife; love both women or, he wants to continue with a sexual relationship with his wife and the adventure of having a sexual relationship that is exciting with his mistress. A wife that puts up with her husband's cheating is an enabler and if she allows it to go on then she is not only stripping herself of her dignity and self worth, but she her husband will not respect her for putting up with it. 'You' are in control of this situation and sit down with your husband and tell him you are not putting up with his cheating and he either goes to marriage counseling with you; drops the mistress or you are divorcing him. This should get his attention!

Why do I feel depressed when my husband says that his client is beautiful?

you should tell him how that makes you feel and ask him how he would expect you to feel after saying something like that. you should tell him how that makes you feel and ask him how he would expect you to feel after saying something like that.

Should a woman whose husband is cheating confront the husband of the mistress?

no because if there cheating you stay away from them and don't get involved in anything the person does anymore. they would kick you out if you did that and they wouldn't like you anymore. even if there not talking to you already they will hurt you even more then they already are.

Is Michele l Thompson cheating on her husband?

Most likely she isn't and your not a very nice husband to be putting her name out there like that!

Dating after divorcing a cheating husband?

Yes. of course! Its a cheating. You can't do like that. Divorce is taken when you feel uncomfortable with your partner after your marriage.!! The marriage is not a business and its a bonder of relationship with your husband and you, you and your childern. You can not take such hard decisions to cheat/make hurt your partner. Of course now a days everyone feels to get divorce even if your partner makes small mistakes. We should understand his/her feelings. We should obey his/her good and bad things. and we should love and care them for life long.

Would you think any less of your husband if he approved of your cheating?

Yes, I mean why wouldn't he care if you were cheating? Why are you cheating? Maybe he was cheating also. Seems like an unstable relationship , do you still love each other? If you do then why would you cheat and why would your husband "approve" of it. That's not good at all, most people care if their husbands/wives cheat on them!!! You two should sit down and talk about this.

How do you know when you husband or boyfriend is cheating on you?

You should know because they will like kinda refuse to kiss you, or smell like someone else or they might even have lip gloss or lip stick on them

What should you do if your husband is cheating?

if your hasband is really cheating confrount him.................... if you just think like i would do first follow him around then if you see anything you dont like when he gets home ask him about it and if he lies make sure you dont go crazy and confrount him!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should never hold back any thoughts!

Why would a married woman act like she doesn't know your husband when you know she was cheating with him?

she's scared she might not have a chance with your husband again.

Should you leave your boyfriend?

It depends why you want to leave him . If he is cheating on you then yes you should . If you just feel you like some one else then tell him the same.

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