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Some men that are very popular are great guys, but, more often than not their ego is sky high! Smile back, but let him work for your attention. If a woman gives in too easily and is "puppy-like" these type of men often grow weary of this type of woman. Let him work his buns off to get your attention. Smile coyly and walk on by. If he's interested he'll ask you out on a date. If you do go out on a date don't let him get the upper hand and don't be afraid to say "no" to anything he may suggest to you that you're not comfortable with. When it's all said and done most men will play around, but won't take the girl home to mother!

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Where can I find attractive and affordable fitness pants?

The clothes shop Forever 21 is popular for having clothes suitable for workouts, and is at mid-market level in terms of cost, while still looking fashionable and attractive.

How do you get popular at school?

be attractive, funny, athletic, and not shy.

What effect did Cleopatra have on men?

men worshipped at her alter she was beautiful and most men wanted to be with her, at least that is the popular misconception about Cleopatra. In reality she was not a physically attractive woman, just look at her coin portraits. However she did have a magnetic personality. The ancient writers say that she was charming and would say what her listeners wanted to hear. It was this personal, one on one, interaction with men (and women) that gave her a magnetic effect on others.

Can being chubby be attractive?

It depends on the person. Like lets say there's a chubby guy but has a great personality then that would be attractive. Most girls don't judge I am a girl and I don't judge by the way a guy looks just by his personality.Most of the time when there's a girl that judges that means there kinda in the popular crowd and they really listen to what there friends say about the guy there dating so there more strict about who they date. So if your chubby then you might wanna start more on the not so popular people and work your way up . =D

Will you get a guy?

you will get a guy at age 4 to age 56. it just depends if the guy likes your personality for who you are, or if the guy likes girls that are popular and good looking. it all just depends on who you are.

What are synonyms of the word popular?

approved, attractive, beloved, favorite, famous

Who is the most popular personality from Pakistan in the world?

Quaid-e-Azam is the famous personality from the Pakistan in the world.

Who is Most popular personality in the world?

Bil gates

What does it mean when you come to school dressing nice and a group of popular guys look at you?

It doesn't have to have some secret code in the meaning of them looking at you. It could simply mean that you look really attractive and you had caught their eye.

ALUMINUM the most popular lightweight attractive and less expensive material thus considered best for all around use?

ALUMINUM the most popular lightweight attractive and less expensive material thus considered best for all around use

Most popular personality in the world?

ellie hanrahan x

Why do people want to be attractive?

People want to be attractive because science has proven that you can attract a more attractive mate. You can also usually get a job easier or a higher paying job easier. Others have their own personal reasons for desiring to be attractive like being popular.

What is so special with Emma Watson's feet?

Emma Watson is a actress and model that has gained fame by portraying the character Hermione Granger in the popular Harry Potter films. In addition, she has graced the covers of various fashion magazines, and thus her feet are considered physically attractive.

Why is chocolate industry attractive for companies?

because it is a popular food all year round

Why are the Jonas Brothers so popular?

They write their own songs. Young girls find them attractive.

Do used Audi a4s have a high resale value?

Yes, Audis are very attractive looking cars and drive very smoothly. They are still popular, however their maintenance can be a little costly especially because they don't take regular gas.

Why is rhinoplasty popular with celebrities?

Celebrities live in a high-stress profession where one's good looks may be essential to obtaining a job. Therefore, to appear more attractive, many celebrities may get rhinoplasty on their noses to have better looking noses.

What is a good website to do a personality quiz on your favorite manga? is a popular one.

What is bratz cloe personality?

popular ---- She is also sporty and a bit of a drama queen

Who is the most popular actress in the Philippines?

SHARON CUNETA is the most popular and famous star in the phillipines,she is the megastar,and had a down to earth personality.

What is the most popular light weight attractive and less expensive materials of kitchen utensils and equipment?


What do middle school girls like about guys?

looks, personality, popularWhat the person above put is wrong!personalitynicelookssmartfunnysome girls may like popular guys, but it really matters if they are nice!

Why is edward cillen so popular?

Edward Cullen was popular because he was good looking.

Which Super Junior member is most popular with fans?

They are all popular, and everyone has their own opinions. A true ELF would say they all are. Best Personality: Leeteuk- makes lame jokes xD and does lots of variety shows, he's a wonderful mc. Heechul- called "mood maker" the only way to describe him... his personality is like a cats. ^^ Most Handsome/Sexy: Siwon, but they are all good looking depending on your opinion Cutest: Sungmin, Ryeowook Evil: Kyuhyun etc etc. They are all popular ^^

What is David Beckham's personality like at home?

he is so popular and a hot-tie with a bod-i