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he is cheating on you dump him! DOn't listen to his lies you will just look dumb! =Answer= Good for you! You caught him in the act! I know it hurts a great deal but consider yourself lucky that you found out now. It has nothing to do with you and he's the one with the problem. Tell him not to let the door hit him in the backside on his way out! Get rid of him!

2006-08-23 06:04:10
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How do you get rid of your boyfriends clingy female friend?

1. All you have to do is get your boyfriend to tell her that he doesn't want to friends with her.

What is belle amie in English?

belle amie beautiful (female) friend

What does gracias mi bonita amiga mean?

"Thanks, my beautiful (female) friend"

How do you spell my beautiful friend in Spanish?

Mi amigo/a hermoso/a (male/female)

How do i cope up with my boyfriends female best friend whom i dont like?

Having a conversation with your boyfriend and his bestfriend about what bothers you about his best friend may be a good way to cope.

Como estas mi hermosa amiga?

With an accent on the first 'o' and the 'a' in 'estas', it means:'How are you my beautiful (female) friend?Without the accents, it could mean:'Like these (feminine persons or objects) my beautiful friend' or'I eat these (feminine gender objects) my beautiful friend.'

What is the Hebrew word for friend?

a male friend = (chaver) חבר a female friend = (chaverah) חברה The above only work with the same genders (a male would call his male friend a chaver, and a female would call her female friend a chaverah. If a male is referring to a female friend, and not a girlfriend, she would be called yedidah (ידידה) If a female is referring to a male friend, and not a boyfriend, she would be called yadid (ידיד).

What if your boyfriends female friend is jealous of you dating him and is trying to steal him what do you do?

I know what you feel like i have been there just ask her if she is ok with you 2 going out .

What is a friend called in french?

un ami (a male friend) une amie (a female friend)

What would a man think about having a beautiful female friend?

Honestly he would probably fantasise about you...

For a female friend in French do you say ma amie or mon amie?

A female friend is called in French "une amie". We use "mon amie" to say "my (female) friend," "mon ami" for a male friend.

What does yo soy su amigo de alonso hermosa mean in English?

(Literally) 'I am his friend of Alonso beautiful' (latter word female) Perhaps 'I am Alonso's friend, (my) beauty/beautiful lady'....

What do you do when you don't like your boyfriends friend?


How do you say very beautiful your friend female in french?

Ton amie est vraiment très belle.

What do i do if my boyfriends friend like me?

First, do you love your boyfriend and is it worthy of loosing him to his friend.......

Is it bad when your friend who's like a sister keeps going with your ex-boyfriends?


What is tienes unos lindos ojos amiga?

It is "you have a beautiful/pretty eyes friend" amiga (female) amigo (male)

How do you say your friend in Jewish?

There is no such language as "Jewish". If you meant Hebrew, it depends on your gender and the gender of your friend:If you are male and your friend is male: chavehr shelchaIf you are male and your friend is female: chavehrah shelchaIf you are female and your friend is male: chavehr shelachIf you are female and your friend is female: chavehrah shelachAnswer:"Yiddish" literally means "Jewish"; so yes, there is a language called Jewish. In Yiddish, "your friend" is Dieneh Froind.

What is a Female Friend called in French?

"Friend" in French is "ami" (masculine) or "amie" (feminine); they are pronounced the same.

Can Aloysius be a girl's name?

Yes. My female friend is called Aloysius.

Can you ask your friend out but ask another friend to prom?

yes you can, cause that's why they are called "friends" not boyfriends. there is noting wrong about asking your friends out. just make sure that niether of them have feelings for you.

How do you know if your boyfriends best friend liked my friend?

well he looks at her alot talks to her alot

You need to be slapped?

Because you slept with your boyfriends best friend.

What do you do when your boyfriends best friend is a hypocrite?

Nothing it's not your fault

How do you get your boyfriends friend to respect you?

By first, respecting yourself & others.