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Going to the movies on a date is one of the easiest ways to get over the first date gitters, because both of you should be watching the movie. Here are some tips: Knock on her door when picking her up and if she has parents be sure you are on your best behavior if you should get to meet them. Be you! Don't try to be cool or someone different. If you are driving to the movies, put on some music in the car that you both enjoy and that helps break the ice. You can talk about music groups, movies, etc. Once at the movies and you have paid to get in ask her what she would like to eat or drink. Then ask her to pick where she wants to sit in the movie theater. For the first date I'd just watch the movie and if she makes the odd comment about something in the movie answer her. Women that aren't that shy will take your hand or lean on you, and that's a signal you can put your arm around her shoulders, but it's easier just to have fun on that first date. When the movie is over you could ask her if she wants to go for something to eat at a cafe (where the kids hang out) or if you are a little older and can drink, go for a beer or whatever. When you get her to the door you could hold her hand, but if she puts her face upwards to you she is expecting that kiss so plant one on her. This is not the time to practice "French kissing" so don't bother. That's an extremely intimate kiss and should be saved for later if both parties enjoy it. Ask if she would like to go out the following weekend. I recomment two great movies that deals with first love and how to deal with your feelings: "Summer of 42" and "Notebook." Both are great movies and very realistic and it will help to make you realize everyone is nervous on the first date no matter how confident they think they are. Good luck Be yourself! Marcy

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Q: What should you do if you go to the movies with a girl that you like?
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How should you ask a shy girl out if your shy?

Ask her to go to the movies with you, because shy girls usually like movies.

A girl in your class likes you what should you do?

If you like her, go and ask her out for the movies or such. Otherwise, tell her she should look for someone else.

Where should you take a girl for the first date?

If it was me I would like to go to the movies or have a homecooked meal. :D

How do you make a move on a girl at the movies?

If you know they like you back... You should just go for it... never fails me ;) oxox

There is a girl i like and she kinda likes me but she thinks i think were just friends what do i do?

Hey, if the girl you like kinda likes you you should ask her to go to the movies or a dance; somewhere you to can hangout and talk!

Should you go with the girl you like or the girl you love?


If you were nervous to kiss a boy or girl in public should you go to a private place like the movies or something?

Yes isn't that obvious

Where should you go to ask out a girl Can't go to movies or park?

you should go to beach resort or in the roof top and have a dinner date.

What do you do if you like someone and they are close to you?

I think you should ask them to go to the movies if your a boy, if your a girl.. flirt your way through that person.

How can you get a girl if im homeschooled?

go out to places you know girls go like the movies or the mall.

What happens if you are a guy and cry like a girl?

Then don't go to sad movies

What should you do with your girlfriend?

If you wanna do something with the your girl friend just go to the movies or mall! You should do what you both like together. Just find what she likes or you call always ask her.

What does Prodigy from mindless behavior like in a girl?

he like a girl who loves to eat go to the movies likes to chill has a sense of style and has to be mindless

Where do girls like to go?

Different girls like different places! I am a girl so I'm going to tell you were I like to go: I like to go out to eat, bowling, or the movies!

What do you do when you go to the movies with a girl?

be straightforward with what you want out of her, tell her u like bang bang

Where should you go on a date in high school?

Ask the girl where she would want to go. Movies and a dinner is a classic one.

Where should you go for your first date?

Somewhere simple like the movies

Where to go on your first date?

you should go somewhere local like the movies or the park or the mall

What to do in a winter date with girl?

Find out some of the movies you both like stay home snuggle up and watch them or go to the movies Hope i helped

You think that this girl likes you but you like another girl what should you do?

keep it real if you dont like the first girl then just go wit tha girl you like

How do you ask out a girl who has a crush on you?

Go to her and start a conversation. Then, ask her would she like to go to the movies or to the school dance or something like that. Be confident and relaxed when doing this.

What should you do when a girl likes you but wants to wait before we go out again?

Well, if you like that girl you should wait.

How does a 12 year old boy ask his friend who is a girl out?

"Would you like to go to the movies with me on Saturday?"

Should you go out with a girl you do not like for her sake?

No! If you do not like a girl, you should not go out with her. While it is possible that you might start liking her, there is a greater chance that going out with her will only end up hurting her.

What should you name your girl baby chick?

You should name your girl baby chick anything that you like. You can go with a real name like Sara or Belle, or you could go with a name like chickie or rostie.

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