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A judgment is not granted until the suit is heard and the plaintiff prevails. The amount of time that a judgment remains on a credit report (7 years) has nothing to do with the length of time that a judgment is valid and can be enforced. The best option is for the defendant to discuss the individual circumstances with a qualified attorney.

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Q: What should you do if you had a credit card charged off 5 years ago and you just received a summons from a state attorney suing for the amount and fees and will the judgment start the 7 years over?
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Can a default judgment for unpaid credit card debt be awarded if you never officially received a court summons?

Yes, only a reasonable attempt to serve a civil summons is necessary. If the defendant is not located, refuses service of the summons, etc. the creditor's suit will be heard and usually a default judgment will be entered against the defendant.

Can you serve a summons on a plaintiff's attorney if the defendant cannot be located to be served?

Can I serve a summons to the defendants attorney if the defendant cannot be found

How do you respond to a breach of contract summons?

Get an attorney.

How do you answer a summons in Hamilton County TN?

A person can answer a summons in Hamilton county, TN by contacting the person on the paperwork. An attorney can also answer the summons for you.

How would you use summons in a sentence?

"I received a summons to appear in court."

How do you answer a summons for a credit card debt?

First, make sure that the document you received is actually a summons to appear. A summons must contain a docket number and a court date. Many collection agencies or collection attorneys use a summons as a scare tactic, in order to get you to pay your defaulted amount. However, if it's an actual summons to appear, the last thing you want to do is not show up. If you don't appear, the plaintiff will get a default judgment from the court. With a judgment in their favor, they may garnish your wages or freeze your assets in order to collect on the defaulted amount.

Response to board of condo's summons?

The answer depends on whose summons you have received. If your board has sent you a summons, apparently the board believes that you are in violation of your governing documents. The summons should detail this alleged violation, and further, detail your response options. Otherwise, look in your governing documents and review the process of notification for violations and the form, format and time limit for your response. If however, the summons is from a local court, you need an attorney to respond to the summons.

What happens when a charged off account is bought out by an attorney and taken to court?

The debtor is served a civil summons to appear the lawsuit hearing. If the debtor does not appear he or she loses the case by default and a judgment is entered in favor of the plaintiff 9creditor). If the debtor does appear and loses the case which is the normal scenario, a judgment is still entered in favor of the creditor. The creditor can then use the judgment to garnish wages or take action against other real and/or personal propety belonging to the debtor.

How do you use the word summons in a sentence?

"His dark magic summons demons." "You go to the office if the principal summons you." "I received a summons from the town court for violating the ordinance."

How can I get a Civil Summons Response Form?

You can get a civil summons response form from your local courthouse. You can also get a copy of the form at your attorney's office.

What is the difference between a summary judgment and a default judgment?

Basically, a default judgment is something you did NOT argue about in court by filing answers to the Summons and Complaint, and the Summary Judgment is something you did argue about IN COURT.

What is the next step after notice-case review re judgment in a divorce case?

What happens next after the Notice - Case Review Judgment. We submitted several Judgment-packages becuase the attorney service forgot to check ONE BOX!! Seems like all is well and the documents were submitted on 4/4. But what's next. Attorney Service is questinable at this point :(04/17/2014 Notice-Case Review Re Judgment04/04/2014 Judgment-Package Received-233603/26/2014 Declaration-DefaultFiled by Petitioner02/04/2014 Judgment-Package Received-233601/15/2014 Declaration-Default11/18/2013 Judgment-Package Received-233611/01/2013 Request-Enter Default10/17/2013 Notice-Case Review Re Default05/02/2013 Proof of Service-Summons & Com04/22/2013 Declaration-Serv Final Decl of DisFiled by Petitioner04/22/2013 Proof of Service-Summons & Com03/22/2013 Notice-Status Conference-POS12/20/2012 Declaration-Uniform Custody Minor'Filed by Petitioner12/20/2012 PetitionFiled by Petitioner12/20/2012 Summons-Family LawFiled by Petitioner

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