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Rather than making a choice when I'm so emotional, I'd tell myself that I should stop, get my head and emotions together before I make any move. You'll never have a "good one" if you aren't together first. You already learned just because they say something, it doesn't mean they mean it. Work on being happy on your own, then you'll attract someone better than these two, who apparently make fast choices that really mean nothing to them, just like you might. You attract what you are. Get yourself happy and healthy. I'd ditch the cheater! Once a person cheats and doesn't treat you with respect it usually happens several times more. Just because you don't choose the cheater doesn't mean you have to choose either one of these people. Don't sell yourself short. Sit down and think it out. You love the cheater, but it's obvious the feelings aren't mutual or he wouldn't be cheating on you, so you get some dignity and leave that relationship and move on. If you don't love man #2, but just consider him a friend then do both of you a favor and continue on as friends, but never feel you need to jump from the frying pan into the fire. You need to be more independent and realize you don't always need a man in your life because you are quite capable of looking after yourself. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What should you do if you had to choose between the man you love that cheated on you and a guy you just met that has female friends but says he would give them up for you?
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