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If you have a great boyfriend or girlfriend then why risk losing them on a crush. Crushes are for little kids! Infatuation is more like it. Anyone of us could have a steady mate or be married and see someone we think is attractive, but the saying still goes .... "look, but don't touch." Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-11-10 07:15:59
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Q: What should you do if you have a crush on someone even though you have a great boyfriend or girlfriend?
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Boyfriend and Girlfriend have row then girlfriend gets drunk with her house mate and nearly kisses them but pulls away so Should girlfriend tell boyfriend even though boyfriend would be heartbroken?

If you don't want to lose the boyfriend, dont tell him. Its not a lie because you're not saying anything, and it doesn't relate to him so he doesn't need to know. You should punish your house mate in some way for letting you get that close to him.

How possible is it to get back with your ex girlfriend even though she has a new boyfriend?

Very slim odds - its seems she has moved on and so should you.

Will Tancred Torsson and Emma Tolly ever be boyfriend and girlfriend?

No, I'm afraid not :) She ends up with someone else from 'the gang' though :)

Is Bella edward real wife in real life?

Edward Cullen i think is girlfriend boyfriend thing with Bella Swan. I think people ask such stupid questions sometimes. No. they are not boyfriend and girlfriend. Bella is actually engaged to someone else. I think that is stupid though. I think that she should get married to Edward Cullen in real life.

How do you get a guy to like you even though he has a girlfriend?

Don't do it, find someone else. How would you feel if somebody stole your boyfriend from you? You can't sink any lower than taking another girl's boyfriend.

Who is Chris dakota's girlfriend?

He doesn't have one. He hasn't had a girlfriend or boyfriend (that is known of) in quite some time, though he recently kissed someone from Northern Europe, as he stated on him tumblr

What percentage of teenagers in the US have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Great Question! I would probably say that about between 30% and 50% are in a STRONG relationship. Boyfriend or girlfriend. I am not one of them, though. :(

I feel as though I will never get a boyfriend Everyone tells me that my time will come but I still can't help thinking about it and being impatient Will it really happen?

everybody gets a boyfriend/girlfriend. all it takes is someone who cares about you.

Should a 11 year old have a girlfriend?

Yes, I think a eleven year old should have a boyfriend because that is the topical age where both girls and boys start to like each other and that is a age where you go though puberty and it is great to have someone the opposite gender always there for you.

Do you have a chance when a middle school guy with a girlfriend flirts with you and a friend asked if he likes you but said just really good friends?

Since this middle school young man has a girlfriend he should not be flirting with other young women and that includes you. Even though they are girlfriend and boyfriend they should trust each other and he is very immature flirting with you or any other girl. Consider yourself lucky it is her boyfriend and not yours. Keep moving and don't waste your time on him because there is someone special out there for you.

Why do you feel lonely and sad even though you have many friends at school and at home that care about you is it because you are love sick and if it is what should you do?

It sounds as though your depressed about something. Perhaps you are love sick. Only you will know. Have you recently known someone who has died? Lost a friend? Broken up with a boyfriend/girlfriend?

What should i get my boyfriend for christmas even though we've only been dating for 2 weeks Im not artistic at all?

A girlfriend can buy her boyfriend something from the store she thinks he's really, really going to like.

Should you wear heels to your boyfriend's military ball even though we're the same height?

no Agreed. Your boyfriend needs to appear as an imposing and confident killer of men. This effect will be difficult to achieve if his girlfriend looks taller than he is.

If you and your friend are talking about something and she tells her boyfriend even though its about the boyfriend but its not his business should she tell him anyways?

if it's none of the boyfriend's business you should not of told him

Are Coop and Kaleigh boyfriend and girlfriend in Overruled?

No they are not though it is revealed in one episode that Coop does have feelings for Kayleigh

Should you tell your ex boyfriend you still love him even though he has a girlfriend?

I don't think you should. You 2 broke up for a reason and he seems to be over you. so don't embarres yourself

Boyfriend but like someone else?

if you like the other boy better than your boyfriend than do what makes you happier! If you like someone else then you should not be in a relationship. Always remember though the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

How old do you have to be to have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Well my friends always date even though they were in kinder and in 1st - their whole life.

Should you tell your parents you have a boyfriend even though you have had boyfriends in the past?

yus you should :']

What should you do if your boyfriend keeps hanging out with girls?

whatever you do don't make him pick between you, his girlfriend, and his friends who hapen to be girls without finding out if he is actually cheating on you or not. if he is cheating on you though dump him immediately!

Good vacation spot for boyfriend and girlfriend?

Anywhere where you both like it. Don't lie about if you like it or not, though. A good place would have to be the beach for me that's where I'd take my boyfriend.. :)

Is 11 too young to have a boyfriend?

I had a girlfriend when I was 11, so yeah go for it, don't do anything too crazy with him though

What do you do if you really like someone even though you have a boyfriend?

If you really like someone despite the fact you've got a boyfriend, you can't truly like the guy you're with. Go for the second guy.

Can 8 year olds have a boyfriend?

Yes 8 year olds can have "boyfriends", though at that age it really isn't a legitimate relationship because they cant go on dates by themselves or really be there for each other emotionally. Though they can have the title of boyfriend girlfriend.

Why does ex girlfriend still check up on you when she has a boyfriend?

Because your g/f still cares about you, even though you aren't together.

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