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This problem isn't as rare as it may seem. Since she is the adult she should know better! Learn to say no! It's wrong and even at the age you are (or you wouldn't have asked this question) you know it's wrong and all you have to do is say "no". You have the choice of not going to your friend's house. Whatever you do, don't discuss this problem with your friend as they will probably be quite embarrassed or even tell their mother about it and I highly doubt she'd admit such a thing existed and therefore, you'll be the loser. If this woman doesn't leave you alone then talk to your parents about it. Be careful, you have to prove she said those words. Let your parents handle it.

2006-08-10 20:17:14
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Q: What should you do if you have a friend whose mother says she wants to make love to you as much as possible?
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