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Accept the answer you were given. There is nothing you can do and unless you want the friendship to go into the toilet, stay friends with him and don't approach it again. Let him come to you if he changes his mind.

2009-10-10 16:20:57
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I have a huge crush on a boy and I don't know if he likes me or not.What should I do?

confront him.

U like a guy his friend told you that his friend likes you you ask the guy he says its not true who do you believe?

the friend because most of the time when you asks if a boy if he likes you he says no unless he has a huge crush on you

Do you have a crush on girls.?

i have a huge crush on one girl but I don't no if she likes me

What does it mean when a boy has a huge crush on you?

It means that he likes you.

Does Raven Fitzgerald have a crush on Dylan Kelly?

Yes she does she has a HUGE crush on him but hopes he likes her too!

Your best friend is a guy who you have a huge crush onWhenever you are together he always makes you laugh and smiles at meDoes he like you?

Well it could mean that he likes you but not totally.

Who does supermac18 have a crush on?

Me! Supermac18 has a huge crush on me! we always see each other and he really likes me! he already proposed. thank you!

If you have a huge crush on your best guy friend and you think that he likes you back but your not really sure if he does what do you do?

the best thing you can do is tell him, and the worst thing that will happen if he is really your friend, is it will be awkward for a week... email me and tell me how it goes:

If there's a girl you really like and you hear that she has a huge crush on you should you ask her if she likes you and tell her that you like her or just keep quiet?

If you're friends with her then ask her out.

How do you control your face from turning red when talking to the guy that you have a huge crush on and you think he likes you too?

try by not being scared , ask him if he likes you

Do you date a guy who your friend likes a lot?

Definitely not! Don't mess up a friend ship over a guy. If you guys are friends then tell him/her that you just want to be friends. My friend has a HUGE crush on a guy who likes me but doesn't like her. He asked me out so I talked to my friend and she said honestly she doesn't want me to say yes, so I stalled him then told him we need to just be friends

What should I do when my crush don't have a crush on me?

I just caught my crush staring at me today and l have a really huge crush on him since the 3rd grade. Is that a sign that he have a crush on me? P.S we are not close.

Does Hinata likes Naruto?

ya, she has a huge crush on naruto. she is really shy around naruto, and faints when the encounter.

Who likes Zed from Kiba anime?

hey guyssssss i think zed has a huge crush on roya ,unfortunately he does not realize!

Does sonic like Amy or love Amy?

He likes her as a friend. But Amy has a huge,creepy crush on so sonic and he tries to avoid Amy. Also It would be weird cause Amy is 12 and sonic is 15

Who is the girl Naruto likes?

Naruto likes Sakura...although she doesn't like him in that way(Or Does she???). Hinata has a huge crush on him though...everyone knows about it except Naruto!

Is Justin Bieber into Kirsten smith or sabrena Coleman?

I don't think he likes either one of them.He likes Beyonce now.He said he has a huge crush on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy is a good friend of mine and he had a huge crush on you and now his got a gf is this because you went out with his friend he doent even know you and his friend broke up what can you do?


What should you do if your friend and you like the same girl?

It also depends on how mature your friend (or you) is being about it. If you are both mature about it, one of you will probably get her (assuming she likes one of you) and the friend who didn't get her will get over her and be happy for the one who did get her. If the level of maturity is low, then (still assuming she likes one of you) one of you will get her and the friend who didn't get her will be mad and make a huge deal about it.

Huge crush on someone i think he likes me how do i tell him hes asked me to visit his apartment should i go i want to i want to see him?

how long have you known him if you truly like him then i think you should see him but have your self defence ready

What famous star does Lucas Cruikshank have a huge crush on?

He has a huge crush on Megan Fox.

What is the Geronimo Stilton book Geronimo's Valentine about?

It is about his huge crush petunia pretty paws and his old friend hercule poirtrat

What to do if your best friend is dating the guy you had a huge crush on for a long time and she knows that you like him?

Let her be with him. Sisters before misters.

Does Phineas have a girlfriend?

Phineas does not have a girlfriend but his friend Isabella who lives across the street has a huge crush on him and it is hinted that he likes her too, Isabella even kisses Phineas in the Phineas and Ferb movie but they both have their minds whiped so they forget it ever happened.

Does Justin bieber have a crush on beyonca?

YEP he has a huge crush on her :)