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This sounds like a fungal infection. See your doctor about the correct anti-fungal to use.

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Q: What should you do if you have a rash on your inner thigh that is itchy and smelly?
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What should you do about a super itchy rash on your inner thigh?

Its red circularish and has been scratched so much that its been bleeding

What causes an itchy patch on inner lower thigh?

COULD be chafing but it might not be

Your inner thighs around your scrotum area are itchy and red?

i itch on left thigh near gentil what treatment should i take

What could small red and pearly white bumps that are not itchy on the inner thigh be?


What are small itchy bumps on your thigh?

Small itchy bumps on your thigh are likely just heat rash. This should go away if you do not scratch it.

You have a rash on your inner thigh is it herpes?

A herpes rash consists of painful and/or itchy blisters, pimples or sores in a small group. A rash on your inner thigh could be herpes. If you think it's possible, get an exam as soon as you can.

What if your inner thigh is very itchy?

I'm with you bro just rub some lotion on it before you go to sleep and then it will be better in the morning :)

Does herpes occur on the inner thigh?

Yes, herpes can occur on the inner thigh.

What can a guy do to arouse his girlfriend when they are making our?

squeeze her inner thigh... squeeze her inner thigh...

What do you call the part of the thigh that is below the inner thigh and above the knee?

If it is below the inner thigh, it has to be the lower leg and if about the knee is the thigh, itself. There is no name for what you described.

Is it possible to have a herpes sore on you inner thigh?

Yes it is possible to have a herpes sore on you inner thigh.

Is there an inner thigh bleach cream to lighten your skin?

Yes there is inner thigh bleach cream that can be used to lighten your skin. One brand of inner thigh bleach cream is Whitening Essence.

Should one panic if they have a series of itchy bumps on the inner thigh that smell and burn occasionally?

No. Do not panic, but go to a doctor or a clinic soon. What you may have are tiny parasites that have burrowed under your skin and are living there, called scabies.

Ringworm on inner thigh?

Ringworm can show up anywhere on the body including the inner thigh. This type of infection is caused by a fungus, not an actual worm. It is very contagious and care should be taken to avoid spreading it. You should see a doctor who can prescribe a treatment to get rid of it.

Where is the vastus medialis?

inner thigh

What can i do about itchy red rash on front and inner thigh and pimple like bumps on penis head?

this sounds like scabbies. I had it a long time ago when I caught it off my bed ridden grandfather. It is characterised by an itchy red rash where there is hair and white blisters where there are no hair follicles

You have red spots that arent itchy on your inner thigh area that is spreading what could this be?

it could still be a rash. ALso it could be stretch marks... Are you allergic to anything? it oculd possibly be an allergy

What are some recommended exercises to tone the inner thigh?

There are many recommended exercises to tone the inner thigh. These exercises include squats, leg lifts, ballet raise, standing thigh press and cross-stepping.

What muscle is positioned on the inner thigh?


How do you pull your groin?

is a pull of the inner thigh.

Who can tell me how to do inner thigh workout every day?

For inner thigh workout, you could try plea squats. Other alternatives include skipping. For inner thigh workout, only specific exercises such as cardio or aerobic exercises, weight training and proper diet helps.

Raised red patch on your inner thigh what could it be?

A raised red patch on you thigh could be a mark from hitting your thigh. If you haven't hit your thigh, it can be an indicator of an allergy.

Can shingles appear on your inner thighs?

Yes, I was diagnosed with shingles that appeared on my inner thigh.

How do you prevent inner thigh sweat?

Certain dri

Where is the semitendinosus muscle located?

inner back of the thigh