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A thick, milky white discharge is normal and is probably from ovulation (releasing an egg) which is a normal part of every woman's cycle A yellowish discharge, however, can indicate a yeast infection or another type of infection, so it is important that you speak to your doctor about yellow discharge

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Q: What should you do if you have a yellowish sometimes white thick milky discharge what could it be?
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Could you be pregnant if you have yellowish discharge?

Yellowish discharge is a sign of infection or disease not pregnancy. You should probably see a doctor.

Sticky yellowish disharge with blood stains sometimes but know bad ordour what could this be?

possibly an infectious discharge (pus)

If you are having cramps in your stomach constipation lots of gas and discharge too sometime yellowish and sometimes white and you are 8 days late for your periods are you pregnant?

The important thing here is that your period is 8 days late. Any of the other symptoms could mean anything but taken with the fact that your period is over a week late it sounds as if you could be pregnant. Regarding the discharge, it should be white or clear. If it is yellowish you should get checked out, whether you are pregnant or not.

What if it has been 37 days since the start of your last period and there is yellowish discharge could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be pregnant and you should see a doctor.

Could it is possible to be a first week pregnant even you experienced a yellowish brown discharge?

coul be possible to to be a 1st week pregnant even you experienced a yellowish brown discharge?

What could the reason be for period like cramps with a slight yellowish discharge?

I had yellowish discharg and pelvic cramps i went to the doctors they did a STD check it came back with positive for clamidia

What does it mean to be late for your period and have clear discharge?

This could quite possibly mean that you are pregnant as clear discharge is a sign of the mucus plus forming therefor when you get pregnant sometimes you get the discharge of the excess. I would say try taking a pregnancy test to make sure and if that is not it then you should see the doctor to find out what the discharge could be.

You saw a yellowish discharge and small clumps in your wifes underwear could this be pieces of a broken condom?

highly unlikely...its probably a yeast infection...

You have yellowish discharge for days after your periods what could be the problem?

I am going to go with ghonnarea or a really bad yeast infection. And I am going to go with GET TO A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!

What can cause itching and a yellowish discharge?

AnswerIt sounds like a yeast infection. If it isn't "fishy" smelling. A yeast infection is clumpy, and a white or slighly yellowish discharge.AnswerIt could also be BV - Bacterial Vaginosis (sp?). Get checked out by your doctor or at a free clinic.AnswerIt means you have a purulent yellow discharge and your crotch makes people want to vomit. Go to CHURCH more often!

What could be the meaning of a pinching sensation in your abdomen and a brown-pinkish discharge?

The pinching in your abdomen could be the feeling of implantation cramping. You could be pregnant. When implantation happens you will also see a brownish, sometimes pink, discharge. It usually isn't very much, but still it's there. You should make an appointment with your doctor to confirm or deny.

Is clear discharge a symptom of pregnancy?

It can be but it could just be normal, sometimes people get discharge for no reason. It doesn't always mean that you could be pregnant. If you're unsure you could go and get a test or see your gp

What is the yellowish stain on men's crotch afer a trip?

There are a few meaning to what you were asking, a yellow stain could be a heat rash, stomach problem, a discharge and the worst case scenario will be the remaining discharge from sleeping with someone. Just hope that its not from sleeping with someone.

Why do women have heavy discharge?

its means the vagina is cleaning itself but sometimes it can be a sign of early pregnancy or when your ovulating. It can be confusing sometimes which one it could be.

What is discharge mean before your period?

LEUKORRHEA- a whitish vaginal discharge. It is a natural defense mechanism the vagina uses to maintain its chemical balance, as well as to preserve the flexibility of the vaginal tissue. It may also result from inflammation or congestion of the vaginal mucosa. In cases where it is yellowish or gives off a foul odor, a doctor should be consulted since it could be a sign of several disease processes, including an STD.

I have taken a positive test i am are about 6 weeks should I be worried because i have brown and light pink discharge?

NO.unless the bleeding gets heavy then i would call your doctor,but sometimes light pink discharge could mean the weight of your pregnancy,but if it keeps doing it then i would go to the doctor

What does discharge during pregnancy mean?

Discharge during pregnancy is normal! It is normal to have a havy flow of discharge. But, if the discharge has a green or yellow tint or a very foul smell, it could mean there is an infection and you should see your doctor about it.

What could it mean cramping and brown discharge after period?

cramps after a period are a regular thing. But having brown discharge?? You should probaly go see a doctor about it.

Could you be pregnant if you have thick white discharge?

Thick white discharge neither guarantees nor rules out pregnancy. Technically, yes, you could be pregnant if you have thick white discharge, but having this discharge does not make you pregnant. Many women have thick white discharge, but if you are concerned you should try a pregnancy test and/or consult your OBGYN.

What is white that comes from a girl's vagina?

Sometimes a girl can have a discharge. It can be harmless and normal, or could indicate a problem. You can ask a doctor if it is normal or not. One thing that can cause a discharge that is not good is a yeast infection.

How long after discharge do you get your period?

It should be 28 days, but it could be more or less

What can cause discharge with odor?

Yes, this could mean you have a std... you should get tested!

Can the discharge be a yellowish color when you have a yeast infection?

A yeast infection stings when you pee. AND yeast INFCTION is usually white and creamy with no odor like cottage cheese and yellowish color are most likely bacterial vaginosis , chlamydia or gonohea.So your yellowish discharge may be not caused by yeast infection, you'd better go to the hospital to do some relative tests to find out the exact cause.And if your condition is really led by bacterial vaginosis , chlamydia or gonohea, you could try herbal therapy, such as "fuyan pill", which has been proven effective on curing these diseases.

What does it milky white watery discharge with an odor means?

You should see your doctor it could be a yeast infection. Its normal for women to have discharge it means you are ovulating. Note: If you have a yeast infection your discharge does not have an odor. Nor would there be an odor when ovulating. If there is an odor it could be bacterial vaginosis or an std

What could cause a thick vaginal discharge with no obvious smell?

Over the course of a woman's cycle, the smell, consistency and color of vaginal discharge changes. Near ovulation, typically discharge is thin, slippery, and clear. Other times a woman may notice it is thick and whitish or yellowish. It is always good to check with a doctor, nurse, planned parenthood, etc. just to make sure, but it can be completely normal. This is especially true if there is no discomfort or any offensive odor. It could be around the time you can get prego.