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Condensate drain is clogged. unclog it or call a plummer

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Q: What should you do if you have an AC leak in your attic?
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Will your roof leak if you lose a rooftop wind turbine?

Yes if it rains it will leak into the attic or overhead space until it is saturated then it will leak thru the ceiling.

Why does all the antifreeze leak out when you turn on the ac from your 2000 Honda accored?

why dose all the antifreeze leak out when you turn on the ac from your 2000 honda accored

Can the Freon level on a home AC unit decrease without having a leak?

It a word, no. Without a leak, the freon level in your unit should stay the same for years and years.

How do you find freon leak in home ac unit?

You can find a Freon leak in a home Ac unit by using a leak detector. These instruments are capable of detecting trace amounts of Freon and pinpoint leaks.

Do you have to refill a home ac unit?

Only if it has a leak - in which case you have to get the leak repaired first.

Will freon leak when ac is off?


How can you fix an ac leak in your car?

You cant

Can AC freon leak at front of the clucth on ac compressor on a 1995 GMC safari?

yes there is a seal on the front of compressor that can go bad and leak freon.

Why would the AC Just stop working on a 1987 s10 blazer?

you have an AC leak

How often do you recharge ac with freon?

You should not have to recharge your system unless you have a leak. Other wise you do not need to recharge your system.

Can an ac clutch leak freon?

No, the leak is propably the compressor shaft seal which is behind the clutch.

The ac evaporator was replaced on my 2000 prizm and the system is still leaking My trusted ac mechanic can't find the leak Any suggestions?

Go to an AC specialist, the leak is easily found if you use die when recharging.

Why does your car car smell like antiseptic in a hospital when your ac is on?

This normally indicates a refrigerant leak. STOP USING YOUR AC IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THIS SMELL!! The fumes from the fluid in your AC system are highly toxic. The leak needs to be sorted out before the AC can be used again.

Will freon leak even when the ac is not on?

It can, in some cases.

Is it normal for the freon of the automobile ac to be low with out a leak?


Where do you find the O-ring for a leak on the AC on an Oldsmobile Intrigue?

the easiest way to find a leak is to put some uv dye in the ac system and run it. then in the dark using a uv light the leak will show up, it will glow green, and you will know where the leak is, after fixing the leak clean around the leak to remove the dye so that the next time a leak happens you will be easily able to spot it.

Why wont my car ac take a charge with refll kit?

Because it probably has a leak if you have just fixed a leak then you need to put a vacuum on your AC system before you can charge it.

What does it mean when the your car air conditioner is leaking?

It means that you have a refrigerant leak, and will eventually lose all of your refrigerant. Then your AC won't offer any sufficient cooling, and if you run your AC with an inadequate amount of refrigerant, you'll eventually destroy your AC system. So it means that, if you don't want this to happen, you need to get the leak located and fixed. The presence of air in the AC system indicates a likelihood of a leak (or the leak) being on the low pressure (vacuum) side.

Where is the ac 1000 in Club Penguin?

The AC 1000 Used To Be Located In The Lodge Attic, But It Isn't Anymore. It May Return In The Future, But For Right Now, The AC 1000 Isn't Around.

Don't you need to pressurize the AC system and fill with freon to do a leak check?

Yes. Or leak check with nitrogen.

How do you check AC lines for leaks?

Charge with leak detector

What are the symptoms of a ac condenser failing?

Oily residue from a leak.

How do you fix a leak in the AC unit?

With torches and soldering sticks.

Have a Ford Ranger extend a cab 3.0 engine the Freon keeps leaking out when put in what causes this?

A leak in the AC system is what causes the refrigerant to leak out. It could literally be in any part of that system - lines, metering device, schrader valves, compressor, condenser, evaporator coil, etc.

Can the AC compressor leak engine oil from the mounting bolts on a 96 Toyota Avalon?

yes...can leak oil from ac bolt...threads into sside of block..must have crack in side of block..

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