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cry and tell your mummy


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Well if its a virus problem you should get a anti virus program.

Yes, most of the computer virus have security threat to the infected computer. If your computer has been infected with virus, you should remove it quickly.

40% of computer users have been infected by a virus.

If your computer has been getting a blue screen, then you've got a virus. You should get that checked out. (Get the insurance papers ;D)

after the victim has been decontaminated

Computer Virus Signature are updates that has been downloaded mainly by an Antivirus program. These Virus Signature are patterns and behaviors of a virus. If your Antivirus detected a file and it's pattern and behavior the same as the virus signature, it will automatically list it as virus.

No it does never give a virus ive been playing for 2 months and no virus if you do get a virus then your computer or laptop is bad or it could be your virus protector...

How a virus enters a computer: Computer viruses are either downloaded from the internet (accidentally or otherwise) or copied from media that's been inserted into the computer. How a virus damages a computer: Viruses are designed to replicate themselves and corrupt files. if you take a disc from one computer and insert it into another - the virus will infect the new machine. How a computer can be saved: Using a good anti-virus/anti-spyware program - coupled with a firewall should protect you from (and remove) most of the malicious files sent over the internet. Running regular scans of your computer AND scanning ANY disk you insert into your computer should protect you sufficiently.

ALWAYS fix virus problems with the computer running in 'safe mode'. When a computer has been started in safe mode, only the bare minimum systems software are started (so there's less likelihood of any virus finding somewhere to hide !). Run your anti-virus software, and act on any warnings. Re-boot the computer as normal, and it should have solved the problem.

A virus checker will scan a computer to check whether it has been infected with a virus, spyware, or other malware. The benefit of having a virus checker is to keep one's computer from crashing and protect confidential files.

No, it doesn't. I play it myself, and there has been no viruses or anything that harms your computer.

Your computer has been hacked by another person or there is a virus on it.

easy it wont work propely :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):{:}:]

You may or may not have a virus in your computer. Most likely, it is due to a slow hard drive or internet connection.

They can harm your computer financially, they can cause your computer to slow down, crash your computer, track websites you have been on and, they will log user information.

No. AIM does NOT give your computer a virus. I have been using it for about 5 years now and my computer is in perfect shape.

Contact the police if you are the victim of a cyber crime.

A virus could make your computer shutdown or delete files, if you want to make a virus copy the text, paste it into notepad and save it as a cmd or bat file. @echo off shutdown -s -t 15 -c "your computer has been infected by a virus."

One can retrieve data after a bad virus if they have backup all their files. One can restart the computer then use their antivirus to filtrate out the virus. Once the virus or trojan has been found one must delete using the anti virus program. Then one should activate the built in system restore.

No it will not. I have been using it for weeks and no viruses at all.

No fantage does not put a virus on your computer. on many computers it's very slow, but that's not because it's downloading a virus. I've been using fantage for about 6 months now and not once have i had a problem.

If you suspect your computer may have been compromised by malware, you should:

You can know that if your computer has blue screens, pop ups (if you have an anti-virus it will alert you and tell you that you got a virus) it will take more than 60 seconds for your email to load, and your computer will shut down automaticly.

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